Do you wear a poppy or do you just wonder why anybody would wear one? What’s the reason? Do you even wonder why any sensible person would take 45 minutes out of their day to go to a Remembrance Day Ceremony? You might think it’s only a ceremony. However the truth is that people will take years and years out of their life and offer themselves to go and protect Canada even though there is a chance that they will die. I think we can take two minutes out of our day to stand in silence to respect those who fought.

The first world war took place in 1914 and stretched into 1918. Many people died in the first weeks of the war. It took the lives of more than 60 000 Canadians. It was considered the bloodiest was of all time. Nobody could tell the amount of suffering these people and their families went through. Many young Canadians went to flight schools to learn how to fly planes in the military. The economy dropped and unemployment effected Canada very much. Women had to wear badges that said “knit or fight”. So basically they either would make provisions or go fight. At last the enemies backed down and the First world war had ended.

The second world war stretched from 1939 to 1945. Nearly 50 000 Canadians died and at least 50 000 Canadian soldiers were injured. With new technologies this war went on even longer with a military, a navy and a flight force. With new guns and bombs people became more strategic but the costs were very high. Not many people  survived an injury without doctors. The medic’s lives were in danger at all times even though they weren’t serving on the front lines. It was a hazardous job to keep the soldiers healthy. Hitler and his Nazi party killed many people and many were put into concentration camps. Surviving was a hard thing to do and then finally Hitler backed down and killed himself. The war was finally over.

The brave soldiers fought in even the worst conditions. They didn’t hesitate when it came to protecting Canada. I think we can give up time to go to a ceremony to honour those men and women who generously gave their lives. They gave more than two minutes of a day. This year on Remembrance Day, wear a poppy, and give two minutes of silence. Remember “If ye break faith in us, who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders Fields.” (John McCrae)


Elena Ewert, Bezanson Alberta
1st place winner, Intermediate Level Essay 2016
Alberta-NWT Command, Royal Canadian Legion

Military Service Recognition Book, Volume IX 2017 page 107