Swimming with the West Smoky Legion

West Smoky Legion #244It’s been over 55 years that the West Smoky Legion #244 has been dedicated to sending Bezanson youth for swimming lessons.

“It’s a life skill” says Legion President Bruce Fenton, “swimming lessons have always been an important part of the community services we offer”.

Many of the legions active members attended these same sponsored lessons in their youth and now have children and grandchildren of their own partaking.

“The kids absolutely LOVE it!” says organizer Renee Laverick. “We have kids ranging from 5 years old right up to 15. Seventy three kids in total this year!”

The funding provided by the West Smoky Legion #244 is a huge contribution to the success of the program that ran for 6 days over the last two weeks. Covering 62% of the lesson costs as well as the transport to the Eastlink Centre makes this program super friendly to families.

Of course the volunteers are an instrumental part of the programs success as well. “A tremendous thank-you to all that come to help out. We had 19 Moms helping out this year supervising in the stands, change rooms, on the pool deck and the bus – we really couldn’t run this program without them” says Laverick.

With continued support from the community through fundraising events like the Golden Leaf Dine & Dance (Nov), the Legion is hoping to extend lessons to include life guard training to children 13 years and older in 2017. A minimum of 4 students will be required to run these classes. Students with interest in this program next summer should contact Renee.

If you are interested in helping with youth activities in our community, fundraising or becoming a member of the West Smoky Legion #244 contact us, we would love to have you on board!