Dear Parents:

By now you have received the most important word about how this school year has begun – the informal reports given to you by your child. The staff at Bezanson School hope those reports have been positive and that you feel that the school year is off to a great start for your child.

From our perspective, classes began smoothly, and the first few weeks have indicated that we can expect a productive school year. Students are settling in after the summer break and working hard to achieve their goals.

Our new Kindergarten students have toured the school, met with staff and are settling into a comfortable routine. Ninth graders are enjoying their place as the oldest students in the school and are showing maturity and responsibility by assuming leadership roles and modeling good behaviour to younger students.

Volleyball teams are setting up their practice routines and getting to know one another’s strengths as members of the Bezanson Bulldogs. The Students’ Union elections took place at the end of last week, and we look forward to the contributions this group will bring to our school environment.

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your child’s schooling, feel free to contact the teacher directly, or call our school office at 780-532-6490 to speak with me. We look forward to working together with families to ensure our students experience success.


Elizabeth Linfield Principal