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Edward Leslie – Postmaster 1928-1945

After Minnie Bryenton moved from the area, Ken Morrison approached Dorothy and Ed Leslie to see if they would manage the Store and Post Office at Glen Leslie. Edward was appointed Postmaster on April 17, 1928 – a position he kept until December 27, 1945 when he resigned. Ed and Dorothy sold their land to Jack Wales in 1946 and moved back to Grande Prairie where Ed purchased the BA Oil Plant. He passed away on 1948 while in Ontario and was buried at the Greenwood Cemetery in Queensborough. Dorothy passed away in 1982 and is buried at the Glen Leslie Cemetery.

Glen Leslie Store that housed the Glen Leslie Post Office 1922-1955

Florence Wales – Acting Postmaster 1946

In the spring of 1946, Jack Wales had just returned home from WWII and purchased the NW 36-71-4- W6 from Ed Leslie. The property contained the Glen Leslie Store and Post Office. Jack’s wife, Florence was appointed Acting Postmaster on February 1, 1946.

“New” Glen Leslie Store that housed the Glen Leslie Post Office 1955-1956

Florence Wales – Postmaster 1946-1956

Florence as appointed Postmaster on May 14, 1946. Unfortunately the store burnt down in August 1955 but a new store was built in September 1955. In the mean time, the Store and Post Office were operated out of an adjacent garage. Once Rural Route Service was established in the area in 1956, the Glen Leslie Post Office was closed. The Wales’ retired to Grande Prairie in 1978. Jack passed away in 1985 and Florence in 1981; both are buried at the Glen Leslie Cemetery

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