No Stone Left Alone

By: Mia and Chloe

On November 6 the Junior Highs went to the Glen Leslie Cemetery and laid poppies on all the veterans graves. Wanda Zenner gave us a brief description on all the different veterans who lay in Glen Leslie Cemetery. Everyone was given the name of a soldier. The Junior High students would search for their soldier, once they found their veteran they would lay a poppy on their grave, then respect them with a minute of silence. Chloe and I felt that this expanded our understanding of the effect the war had on our little community. We all enjoyed No Stone Left Alone because it felt as if we were honoring their legacy and remembering the soldiers’ sacrifice. The contrast of red poppy on the white snow will probably draw people to the cemetery to the veterans’ graves. Thus allowing the soldiers to not be forgotten. Overall this was a very heartwarming and a great experience. Chloe and I feel that this should become a Bezanson School Remembrance Day tradition for the many years to come.