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Meet Tammy J. Coulter, Local Author

What are the names of the books that you wrote? Is this a series?

The books are called the Rick Attison Novels. I currently have 2 published through Amazon’s Create Space, which is a self-publishing website. The first two books are The Black Knights and White Daze. I have a total of 5 books written, book 6 is in the process of being written and ideas for additional books.

Tell us about the series – where did the idea come from and what is the purpose?

This series is a tale of how a 16-year-old teenage boy is sucked into a gang, what the gang does to keep him in the gang, and how hard he works to pull out and stay out of that gang. It is a coming of age story – and boy, does the main character come of age far faster than he ever should have to. The stories also cover some pretty deep, yet timely, issues teenagers are facing today, including bullying, abuse, gangs, police who have blinders on, and of course, teenage love. I feel if a teen reads this story and something in it keeps that teen from joining a gang or from bullying, then my work is complete. The same if an adult/teacher reads them and sees a correlation with a student and they can help the student, even better.

The original story was written in 1994 and was a 30 page double spaced typed story. I was doing my final practicum for my Bachelor of Education degree and it was an assignment given to my students. Never give the students an assignment you are not willing to do yourself. The honest truth is I have no idea where the idea came from. It just did, but that short story unlocked my writing muse and she hasn’t abandoned me yet.

Do you have a new release? When do you expect it to be available?

Book 3 is Grey Shadows which I am working on the final editing. This process is taking a lot longer than I had originally planned, but I am also working on a major character rework as I go. I am more than half way done editing, and I’m starting to get to some of the exciting parts, so I hope to have it done in the next couple of months. Yes, sorry everyone, it’s probably going to be another couple of months before Book 3 is available.

Why is writing important to you? Have you had this passion since you were younger?

Writing is freeing. I can submerge myself in Rick’s world and escape my own, especially now with the COVID-19 isolation. It also allows me to still teach others about some of the issues teens face. I want teens to understand they aren’t alone with their issues. There are people who can and will help. They just have to reach out.

I have always had a very active imagination because I am also a very avid reader. Like writing, reading allows me to escape into a different world. I have memories of walking around the house, creating vivid stories as I talked to my “friends”. Y’know the ones only kids can see? These stories kept my mind active and always expanding. I still talk to my “friends” only now it’s the characters in my books. Sadly, sometimes they win.

How do people get a hold of you to purchase your books?

My books can be purchased directly from myself as I do have a few hard copies at my home. However, they can also go to or and order the books directly from there. The books are never out of print, as they are Print-on-Demand. So no books are printed until they are ordered. You can also download them as e-books from Amazon if you have the free Kindle App on your phone or tablet.

When did your family move to Bezanson?

My dad, Gary, has lived in Bezanson all his life. When my mom, Janet, married him in 1979, we moved to the farm where they still reside today. I have left our little community a few times for work or school, but something always draws me back here.

What does living in Bezanson mean to you?

Bezanson is the best place to live. We are a close knit community who take care of their own. Living here gives me the chance to be outside when it is nice, work at the local greenhouse and generally be with people who have watched me grow up. Now it’s my turn to watch the next generation born and grow up.

What is your dream as an author?

My dream as an author is to be published by a mainstream publisher, but if nothing else, I just want to make sure all of the stories I have in my system are written. That might mean one more book or 10 more. Who knows? The characters tell the story. I’m just the method used to tell it.

Any favorite quotes?

I try to have one memorable quote from each book and here they are.

Black Knights: My pleasure. My fun. (This is from Blade)

White Daze: Nothing worth doing is ever easy (This is from Tony to Rick)

Grey Shadows: We both know it’s not if he breaks down, but when and how bad (This is said between Rick’s two counselors)

These books are years in the making and I hope they bring some kind of happiness to those who read them.