Local Couple Honour Veterans

Remembrance Day
Newsworthy Event From 1992
“Local Couple Honour Veterans”

With Remembrance Day fast approaching, it is certainly time to reflect on all the veterans who served our Country and more specifically, those who had served locally.

In 1992, a local couple, Allie and Earl Weegar along with Allie’s son Keith Patterson, decided to honour the local veterans by constructing an array of framed pictures complete with name plaques. The frames were then presented to the West Smoky Legion #244 to be displayed in the Bezanson Legion Hut. The couple had thought about and discussed the project for seven years before they actually seriously delved into it. The Daily Herald Tribune interviewed the threesome and published the heartwarming story on February 14, 1992.

Keith Patterson, Earl & Allie Weegar photo in Daily Herald Tribune’s article entitled:
“Photo History of War Vets”

Allie and Earl took it upon themselves to locate as many pictures of the local veterans as they could. There was a slow start to the project to begin with until the Community realized the importance of such a unique way of honouring the veterans. Leads were provided by family members or local old-timers who knew the whereabouts of several of the veterans who had moved away. The cost of the wood for the frames, glass, matting and backing material was borne by the Weegar’s. Ralph Selke constructed the five frames following which they were stained by Allie and the end product was nothing short of being a work of art. Each frame would hold 20 pictures along with gold identifying plaques. Plaques were still provided for veterans when a picture was not available. What an endeavor that would have been to collect over 100 photographs in the early 1990’s.

The Community thanks the family of Earl, Allie and Keith for the unique and remarkable way in which they honoured the local veterans. Keith Patterson passed away in 2015, Earl Weegar in 2001 and Allie Weegar in 2016. They are buried in the Glen Leslie Cemetery.


By Wanda Zenner – written October 30, 2018
Reference Val (Patterson) Williamson