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Lefty’s Cafe Acquires Historical Plaque

The Peace Country Historical Society, formed in 2009, is the newest and northernmost chapter of the Historical Society of Alberta. The Society is devoted to the preservation and appreciation of the history of north-western Alberta.
As the Peace Country Historical Society honours historical places, people and events throughout the Alberta Peace River Country with pictorial plaques, one significant individual immediately came to mind. A.M. Bezanson, whose book “The Peace River Trail” is credited by many for the settlement of the Peace River District, was certainly worthy of being nominated for such a distinguished plaque.
Once the informative plaque was ready for installation, Lefty’s Café was contacted to see if they would be interested. Ray and Raelyn Peterson were not only interested – they were honoured and proud to display the plaque and immediately found a special place for it.

STOP IN AT LEFTY’S EVERYONE, not only for the “Homestyle Family Favorites”, but also to view the A.M. Bezanson Plaque and learn where the name of the “Townsite” & “Hamlet” originated from.
By Wanda Zenner – May 2019