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Kleskun Hill Museum Days

Situated in Kleskun Hill Park near Bezanson, approximately fifteen minutes east of Grande Prairie on Highway 43. Turn North on Range Rd. 41. Drive 4 kilometres. Turn West on Township Rd. 724 and drive to the top of the hill.
Hours of Operation: The Museum is open on the weekends from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. June 1 to September 1. Group Tours may be arranged through the week. The Church and Boyer Hall are also available for rental.
Phone: Tel: (780)-567-2221 or (780)-539-7651

This year on June 24 the classic in the hills annual picnic occurred at Kleskun Hills. Every year this is a picnic that the community comes together to appreciate the museum and to show how things were done in the past. The lunch was served in Roy Boyer hall, as well as ice cream sold outside for two dollars. The weather this lovely day was beautiful with a very nice breeze to keep everyone cool. This year the event started at noon and continue until four o’clock, many people from around the community came to this event to see the cool activities and events happening. The Kleskun Hills rise 100 metres above the plains surrounding Grande Prairie. The layers of clay, sandstone and coal are all exposed here, in Alberta’s northernmost badlands, which date back to the age of the dinosaurs.

The Turner Barn represents a bit of history of the Turner Family that arrived in the area in 1911 and in 1928 built the barn we see today.

Some of the many activities included bouncy castles, music, and rope making. There were two bouncy castles to enjoy,  a train as well as a western styled one. The people at the kids enjoy these bands girls and they were for the entire time. The Bezanson Fire Department had a tent in the shade with plenty of things to hand out to the kids who came and stopped by. During the afternoon a band was playing, which played great music, the genres were some Scottish tunes, old folk, and some old country, they also told some funny jokes and there was couples dancing on the sides. A tour that occurred as well, they lead us around all the old buildings, some that had been moved up to the hill for the museum, in all of the buildings there is old belongings from the past.  In the afternoon there were wagon rides for families to enjoy, they had two wagons going during the afternoon. Each wagon had two strong horses pulling the wagons around the hills to get the scenic view of the hills. Around 3 o’clock rope making was out by the barn and many kids and adults went to learn and see how rope was made back in the day. As well as another activity for the kids was sparkle tattoos being done by Tanna Howarth and Keira Dorner, there was many different cool designs and colours and the girls were great tattoo artists.

The Hubert Manning House Built in 1914 Donated by Elvin & Tillie Gordon

“This is an event that I look forward to every year, like how people look forward to Christmas, I look forwards to this. As well as visiting, the atmosphere is so nice, these people that you used to be neighbours with, you see them again and it’s just like old times” -Dorothea Bulford

Kleskun Hills, many people from around Bezanson know this beloved, scenic area. Located right beside the historic Edson Trail, the Kleskun Hills Museum has old farming machinery, memorabilia, nine restored, and original buildings from the area. These include East Kleskun School and Teacherage, which came from Nico and Harriet van der Giessens land, as well as two homestead houses, a store, barn, blacksmith shop, the church and information cabin.

Written By: Netisha Zacharias