PoppyFrom the last Friday in October until November 11 we wear poppies as a symbol of respect to those Canadians who have served to protect the freedom we enjoy in our country.  Approximately 110,000 military personnel died during World War 1 and World War 2 and it is estimated that at least three times that many were wounded or bear the scars and mental anguish associated with war.

While it has been suggested the proper place to wear a poppy is on the left side close to the heart, however all in all no matter how a poppy is worn or for how long  is a personal choice and still shows the respect it was designed to show.

Funds raised through the West Smoky Legion #244’s poppy campaign are used to assist armed forces personnel in need and fund such endeavours as the essay and poster contests which will once again be held at the Bezanson School this year (2016).

The school will be hosting this years Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 10, 2016.