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GPRC Students Association VP Social Position

GPRC Students Association VP Social Position

            Bezanson School and Peace Wapiti Academy alumni Emma Doris has recently been given the 2019-2020 GPRC Students Association VP Social position. Emma has recently completed her second year at the Grande Prairie Regional College. In her third year, this job will entail Doris to handle multiple things, such as, “planning events (including the parties), ‘Brain Break’ weeks, orientation activities and more!” Doris says it will also include, “club coordination, running the website and social media, marketing SA events, and working with the rest of the Student’s association to advocate for our students.”

            Emma decided to run for this position about a week before campaigning, but it had been on her mind for awhile. She says, “[She has] a close friend at the college who was on the Executive Council last year, and he strongly encouraged me to run because we had talked about [her] experience with student leadership in Junior High and High School a few times before.” This job covered many of Doris’ interests and, “[She] knew it would be an incredible opportunity for professional development.”

            This job wasn’t just given to Emma as she had to do a ton of campaigning. Her campaigning included many things that she had already enjoyed such as making posters, posting on social media and speaking at the forum. The campaigning also included some things that she wasn’t 100% comfortable with yet. Doris says, “the most difficult aspect of campaigning was pushing myself out of my comfort zone and approaching strangers at the college. [She] eventually got more comfortable with the idea of talking to students [she] didn’t know, asking them what they wanted to see from the college, and encouraging them to vote!”

            This type of news is always exciting to find out, but Emma felt a range of emotions. Doris says, “[She] I was proud of myself for taking a risk, excited to be a part of the college and have a say in student wellness, nervous to start a new job, and sad to have to give up some of my responsibilities at the Ag Society.”

As Emma has recently finished her second year, she talked a bit about her experiences on campus and in the classroom so far.

            “My experience at GPRC this year was a wholly positive one! I loved my classes this semester, especially Business Law. I also got involved in campus rec sports with my friends and we all had a ton of fun playing volleyball and dodgeball. To any current or incoming GPRC students, I highly suggest you take time to participate in as many social activities as possible!”

-Emma Doris

            Her favourite part of GPRC, “is the community on campus. The people at the college have made the whole experience so much easier! Because it’s such a small campus, there are so many opportunities to connect with all types of students!”

Emma is going to do wonders for the GPRC Student Association, and she says, “One of my goals as VP Social is to plan events that even further promote this sense of community and are even more inclusive to all the students at the college!”

“I would love to thank my friends for helping with my campaign and telling everyone they knew to vote for me! Without their support I’m not sure I could have pulled off a victory! I also want to thank my parents for pushing me to stick with it when campaigning got especially nerve-wracking!”

-Emma Doris

We wish Emma luck in her new job and hope the best for her in the years to come!

Written by Ally Pilgrim with information and photos from Emma Doris.