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Expose Me Art Gallery

          On July 27th, 2019, the Expose Me Art Gallery opened its doors. The store, which is owned by Bezanson locals, is a consignment outlet for Artists, Makers and Crafters. The store is owned by two families, Joe and Sandee Mayne, Curt and Karen Groves and their kids Dillan and Halley. These families not only own the gallery, but they also all work there.

This was an idea that the business partners had many years ago and when they saw the opportunity, they took it. They got possession of the store on January 2nd, 2019 and it took 7 months “renovating it to make it what [they] envisioned.”

Curt and Karen have lived in Bezanson for 10 years, while Joe and Sandee recently moved to an acreage near the community. “We love the community spirit, the relaxed atmosphere and the general sincerity of everyone we have met. Fantastic, helpful and nice people. We take a part of home with us everyday to work and that shows itself in many ways,” Joe says.

          Expose Me Art Gallery has the goal, “to showcase locally creative people by displaying and selling their work online and in [their] gallery. [They] do [their] best to promote these talented people through social media, [their] website and in the gallery itself.”

Check out Expose Me Art Gallery at: (Facebook), at their website or go check out the gallery in Grande Prairie (9929 100 Avenue, Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 0V1).

Written by Ally Pilgrim with photos from Expose Me Art Gallery.