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Exercising in 2021 with Lisa Zacharias and Daylene Gobel

By Tammy J. Coulter

Welcome to 2021.

Although we are a month and a half into the new year, there is still the same old questions. What new challenges will you face and new resolutions will you make? Most people face the end of December with a list of things they want to change about themselves, their home, their family, their life. I know a lot of people promise to eat better and exercise more.

I know I do. Every single year.

If I’m lucky, I make it to the end of January before I say to heck with the resolution and go on my merry way. Others are much more dedicated to diet and exercise. Two such people are Lisa Zacharias and Daylene Gobel.

With Covid-19 constantly leading to gym closures or cancelled exercise classes, a resolution to exercise more is even harder to keep going. Yet I know many people in and around our little community manage. I often smile when I see Facebook posts from people brave enough to be climbing and hiking or even snowshoeing in -30-degree weather! They are out with their animals, and family, or posting sweaty, smiling faces after amazing workouts.

Both Lisa and Daylene have run classes at the Knelsen Centre in the past, although Daylene has now moved into Grande Prairie. Still, their perspective on exercising in these wacky times give us all hope to keep on going.

These two exercise-loving ladies vary differently in their approaches. Daylene loves working out with her trainer and daughter Jamie, while Lisa and her family are constantly outside, incorporating family time with exercise time. I personally think that is the key to doing any kind of exercise program. Finding ways to make it fun and be with other people who will motivate you to keep going. Trying to keep up with energetic children and animals is definitely one way to keep motivated.

Both Lisa and Daylene became exercise instructors to help others feel better about themselves and to make positive changes in their lives. Part of those changes also includes talking to clients and friends about nutrition as well. Everyone knows you can’t lose weight if you don’t change both aspects, right? That is something both encourage.

Exercising while having fun is important, but sometimes Lisa and Daylene also find it beneficial to do an intensive workout. Daylene’s go to intensive workout is called HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training and Lisa? Well, intensive seems to be the consensus, but even a good Yoga workout done right can be intense.

With Daylene being in Grande Prairie now, she doesn’t run any classes at the Knelsen Centre, but Lisa has quite a variety of classes going. She has a mixed group in the mornings focusing on low impact fitness, as well as the ever-popular Bootcamp. If you are interested in Fitness Kickboxing, contact Lisa. Last but not least are her Insanity classes. A wide variety to choose from for all exercise levels.

But what to do if you can’t make it to a class or if Covid-19 has shut down the centre again? Lisa suggests getting outside and moving, soaking up the Vitamin D, especially with winter coming. “Moving is the best way to help take care of mind, body and soul,” Lisa says. And Daylene says “pretty much anything can be used for a workout, including using canned goods as “weights” and doing stairs or burpees for cardio.” The internet is a great source of inspiration for home programs.

Both ladies would love to see more variety in the programs offered, but even more important, more participation. Being active you end up with more energy and therefore, more able to help out in the community. And isn’t that the best part? Being able to be out and about within our community, helping to change and make Bezanson even better.

If you are interested in what Lisa or Daylene have to offer regarding exercise programs, don’t hesitate to contact them. Daylene can be reached via Facebook Messenger while Lisa says to call or text her at 780-518-4878. Once the Knelsen Centre is open again, you can also check with them to see what classes are offered and when. No matter what you decide, just getting up and moving will make all the difference in the world.