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Community News

Bezanson Ag Society set for Saturday shindig

Tickets are still available at the Bezanson store to the Ag Society’s Capital Campaign launch. We encourage all community members to come out to see what is in the works for us.

“It’s an opportunity for us to show the community what plans we have come up with to meet their needs and a chance to celebrate this capital campaign to”¦ make this infrastructure a reality,” said Laura LaValley, manager of the fundraising campaign.

See the Daily Herald Tribune for the full article

New beginnings in Bezanson! Hope we’ll see you on Saturday for the Shindig 🙂




AEDs placed in the Bezanson Community

The Bezanson Volunteer Fire Department Society has undertaken an initiative to install Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in local community facilities. Recently, the BVFD Society donated and installed AEDs at the Community Hall, Legion Hut and Senior’s Center. After calling 911, these AEDs can be used by the public in the event of a cardiac emergency. AEDs are simple-to-use devices that really do save lives!

This project  has been made possible with the generous support of donors through fundraising and grant applications. We are pleased to receive a donation from the Regional EMS Foundation for two AEDs – thank you! We are also very grateful for the support of the Bezanson Ag Society, West Smoky Legion #244, and the Bezanson Senior’s Center for allowing us to place the AEDs within their facilities.

If you are interested in supporting this project, please contact us. Together, we are a heart-safe community!

Relaunch of

Welcome to the new and improved website. The new design has transitioned the static version of our site to an interactive community tool providing Bezanson one source for all community information.

Wondering about moving to Bezanson? Find information on local services for our area. Looking for a local mechanic? Search our business listing. Want to know what is going on this weekend? Check out the community calendar! Want more information on the Capital Campaign? We have the information all here.

ALL local business, clubs, organizations, local news and events are listed here for free. Submit your information regularly to keep the community up to date day in and day out. Interested in more advertising opportunities? We have that too. Featured banner advertising and premium business listings are also available for local businesses. is brought to you by:

Bezanson Agricultural Society
Cultivating community spirit and well being by providing facilities and recreational, educational, and community events within our rural area.

Bezanson Volunteer Fire Department Society
Focus their efforts on projects that enhance the community, specifically those that benefit families.

West Smoky Legion #244
Facilitating remembrance & support for our troops and veterans, as well as community development in a variety of forms, including youth activities and fundraising for community projects.


Bezanson Ag Society         Volunteer Fire Dept Station 9       West Smoky Legion #244

Community Soccer and Ball Program Wrap-up

I would like to send a huge thank you to everyone for making this years program a fun and exciting experience for all the children. And of course a special thank you to all the children for coming out and playing. Hope you had as much fun as we did!

Ball  – Thank you to our Coaches
Thank you to Shyla Fells for taking on the preschool – grade 1 age group.
Thank you also to Lindsay Bueckert  and Jamie Arsenault  for helping Shyla.
Thank you to Gord Rintoul, Carey Peters, Christal House, and Melissa Atkins for coaching the grade 2 – grade 4.
Thank you to Danny Strayer, Lisa Zacharias, and Quinton Hatch for organizing the grades 5 through 9.

Soccer – Thank you to our Coaches
Katrina Wiens, Leah Binns, Daylene Goebel, Renee Laverick, Carter Brick, Dakota Bell, Samantha Arseneault, Christal House, Erika Backmeyer, Jen Csikos, Kim and Carey Peters for helping setup every week as well as everyone who helped with set up and take down for each of the programs.

Last day for preschool – grade 4 ball
Thank you to Charmaine Lavalley for bringing water balloons and Melissa Strban for filling them up.
Thank you to Corrine Ostaszewski for brining freezes.
Thank you to Christal House, Lisa McEwen for Water balloons.
And Leanne Glenn and Leesa Freeman for bringing Freezes.

June 15 will be last day for the Grade 5-9 ball
Thank you to everyone for all your help! 

June 16 last day of soccer
Thank you to  Stacey Lubemsky Terri Hatch for bring Freezes.
Jen Csikos for bringing sparkle tattoos, thanks to all the teenagers for helping put them on.
We are still looking for someone to bring water balloons please!

Anyone I forgot thank you so much, we are very appreciative for all the help and things you do!

Thanks, Pam Rintoul

2016 Playoff Hockey Pool Winners

The Old Bezanson Townsite committee would like to announce the winners of the Playoff Hockey Pool!

1st place $400, Sponsored by The Bezanson General Store 
Jeremy Conner with 267 points

2nd place $250, sponsorded by Fentons Greenhouses
Team Vobeyda with 251 points

3rd place $150, sponsored by TH Machining
Joel Mayer with 266 points

Thanks again for all of the people who entered and to our wonderful sponsors!

Capital Campaign Team: Ready and Willing!

The Capital Campaign Team is assembled and ready to get started!  What is a Capital Campaign Team you might ask?  It’s a team of individuals whom act as ambassadors to the project, pave the way for connections with potential contributors, and support the project in a advisory-type role.  This team will essentially help to lead the community of Bezanson and surrounding area towards making this exciting new infrastructure a reality!  The Capital Campaign Team will be unveiled at our Capital Campaign Launch Celebration on June 18th at 7:00 pm.  Don’t miss it!  And remember to help us thank these volunteers for giving their time and expertise to this project!

Busy Spring for BVFD Society

It has been a very busy spring for Bezanson Volunteer Fire Department Society!

We were pleased to host the Grand Opening of the skating rink in February! This multi-year project for which we fundraised just over $320,000, saw a lot of use this winter! We even found ourselves purchasing a Zamboni to keep up with the ice maintenance. The generosity and support from the community for this project has truly been remarkable – thank you!

We received a donation of $3000 from Pembina Pipelines and our society matched the funds to purchase a pedal cutter (specialized vehicle extrication tool).

We were also happy to purchase and donate a BBQ for the school to use.

In March, our Society also held our Strategic Planning Session which we try to do every 3-4 years. This streamlines our meetings and helps our team focus on priorities for the next several years. The society committed to continuing to support community initiatives and pay for some specialized training and equipment if there is a need.

In April, we hosted our 11th Annual Firemen’s Ball to a sold-out crowd of 240 people. It was a great evening of eating, dancing, and visiting and we are so grateful for the community’s support every year.

We also had our casino in April, and will be selling tickets with the Ag Society at Rotary’s Cash and Camping lottery this June.

BBQ donated to school

Top school in the Grande Prairie area

The top school in the whole Grande Prairie area was Bezanson School with 7.8

Monday May 23, 2016 article “Failing Grade” from the Daily Herald Tribune  summaries the recently released PAT score results. Grande Prairie schools averaged scores less than the provincial average of 6/10, while our local Bezanson school did much better scoring 7.8/10. No doubt a reflection of the commitment from our teachers, support staff and local parent volunteers.

The SAC is organizing Teacher Appreciation Day is this Tuesday, May 24 2016.

Farm Safety

Farm Safety is held annually at the Bezanson School and Bezanson Fire Hall.  This event is sponsored by the Bezanson Agricultural Society and the Bezanson Volunteer Fire Department.  Ag for Life is a sponsor of Farm Safety and this year Progressive Farm Safety also sponsored the event.  Carla Richard of Richard International Ltd coordinated the event.  A huge thank you goes out to all those who helped make this fun and a great learning experience for the students.  Special thanks to BVFD and the team, Atco, UFA, Pam Badger & Bute, Grande Prairie Fire Department, Kelly Burke, Daylene, Jody, Pam & Faye and to Rocky Mountain Equipment.  Not only did they teach a session on safety, but they drove out a tractor and bailer and they provided and cooked lunch.  Another successful Farm Safety Day!