County Celebrating Public Works Week in Bezanson

By Herald-Tribune Staff

The County of Grande Prairie is celebrating Public Works Week on Wednesday, May 23 and Thursday, May 24,  with the Bezanson Streetscape Design Project and a public barbecue.

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day, Bezanson School students are painting the two winning student designs by Taryn Cissell and Alandra Humbke, from the grade six class at Bezanson School, onto intersections in central Bezanson. The designs demonstrate “their vision of the future streets of their community”, according to a County media release.


By Wanda Zenner

Many of us have experienced the breathtaking views at the Bezanson Townsite but how many of us are aware of the multitude of wild flowers that are visible as well. The area has become heavily treed with Trembling Aspens and a few Paper Birch however if you are there at “blooming time” you would be able to see patches of color interspersed throughout the entire area.

The booklet lists 20 of the flowers identified along with a description of each and is available for sale from the Bezanson Townsite Committee.









































Bezanson Ag Society

Bezanson Ag Society

Bezanson Agricultural Society is hiring for a Summer Event Coordinator Position:

Send resume with cover letter, references and experience to

Deadline: May 18, 2018

Duties include:
Planning, facilitating & coordinating Farm Safety Event.
Planning, facilitating & implementing summer camp programs for children & youth.
Planning & organizing sports clinics.
Organize & update event information, document & reports.
Administrative duties pertaining to programs & events.
Administration duties will include creating, organizing and updating event information, documents and reports, the design of events and safety documents. Other administrative duties as pertaining to office, programs, events, promotion and marketing

Qualifications include:

  • Computer skills (Microsoft) and organizational skills.
  • Previous experience working with children;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to plan and organize appropriate daily activities
  • Ability to ensure all work related information is kept confidential
  • Criminal Record check mandatory.

The term of this position begins June 18 for 8 weeks (30 hours per week for a total of 240 hours)

Applicants must be between the ages of 15 – 30 and be registered as a full-time student for September.


Noon to 4 pm

Saturday May 5 dawned warm and sunny; a perfect backdrop for the first day that the Church was officially open to the public. After a thorough cleaning, the little building shone and eagerly awaited for guests to arrive.

Anna Ladwig has generously volunteered to host the days that the Church will be open and looks forward to sharing her knowledge not only of the Church and Cemetery but also of the Glen Leslie District.

Although there were not as many guests as hoped for, it is still early in the spring and hopefully there will be more who will want to have a leisurely look at the little building. The original organ will now be permanently located at the Church and Anna played wonderful renditions of some of her favorite songs.

As well, there are permanent displays including pictures of all the teachers who taught when the Church was utilized as the school house for the Somme School District along with biographies of the teachers including an extract from the diary of one of them. There is a wonderful picture of Thomas and Margaret Leslie for whom the Church is named after.

An album with various pictures of the Centennial Celebration along with a photo of Wanda Zenner and Harold Bulford (County Councillor) taken when the Glen Leslie Church Preservation Group received the Heritage Conservation Award from the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation.


Mark your calendars everyone – come out and see the Provincial Historic Site known as the Glen Leslie Church and all the treasurers that are inside.

By Wanda Zenner

On the Home Stretch

Welcome, May! I am so happy to see the sun shining (at last!), and the snow piles disappeared very quickly in the warmth last week (also, at last!!). The days are getting so long, all the snow is off the garden, and the tulips in front of the school are going to start blooming any day now. I feel like I have run a months- long marathon and have emerged victorious on the other side of the finish line!

We hope you will be able to join us Wednesday, May 2, at the school from 5:00-7:00pm for our Family Games Night. We will be serving supper at 5:30pm, and would like to thank our Grade 5/6 students and their parents for providing cookies for dessert!! Please bring a favourite family board or card game to play in our gym/hallway, and enjoy the evening with your family; our teachers will take care of the cooking and cleaning up!

Our Grade 9 students return from Quebec on Saturday, May 5, and we can hardly wait to hear their stories and see the pictures of their adventure!

It is looking like there is a chance Track Meet could actually happen on May 11 (I

wouldn’t have guessed that a couple of weeks ago). Assuming the weather continues to cooperate, they will be headed to Grande Prairie that morning to represent our school at Legion Field for the day.

The SAC Meeting was rescheduled to May 14 at 7:00pm; please make an effort to be there! Babysitting will be provided for those that need it.

Author Marty Chan will be here May 15 for presentations for our Grades 1-6 students (Teepee Creek School will be coming to join us for the morning as well).

We are very excited to have the County of Grande Prairie here May 23-24 for the Bezanson Streetscape Project! They will be unveiling the winner of the Grade 4-7 Streetscape Contest and painting two designs on the pavement in Bezanson. Congratulations and good luck to the finalists: Kara Radomske, Hannah Wiens, Alandra Humbke, a collaborative work by Laurel van der Giessen/ Mackenzie Ewert/Hannah McRae, Taryn Cissell, and Katie Ewert.