Students attending Grade 10, 11 & 12  that previously attended Bezanson School are eligible for a one time sponsorship for a high school sports or fine arts program. To qualify for a sponsorship;

  • Each recipient must live in the West Smoky area, and attended grade nine in Bezanson School.
  • Confirm enlistment in program with a letter from a coach or instructor.
  •  Orally present, in person to the board,  their written request indicating details of the program or sport including students roles and responsibilities, entry fees and any other pertinent information. If students are unable to present in person due to extra curricular activities it is recommended that they provide a creative method to deliver their presentation to the board.
  • Provide complete mailing address.

Fund amounts vary. Contact a Legion member for more information.

Students attending GPRC are eligible for one of 3 $500 Bezanson Community Bursaries sponsored by the Bezanson Ag Society, Bezanson Volunteer Fire Department Society and West Smoky Legion #244. Bursary is application is open to all students who attended Bezanson school for at least on year, demonstrate well defined career goals with added consideration for volunteer activities entering GPRC. Application deadline is June 30. For more information or to apply,

Application Link Here