Grade 3 – Mrs. Campbell

The grade three class has been working on descriptive writing. Each student has drawn an Elf. After drawing their Elf they have written a description
of their elf with enough detail so another student could try drawing it from the description they have given them. They will then compare both, their drawing and the other students, to see if they have enough detail in their description. Now parents it is your turn to draw some elves. Below are some of the descriptions that the students have written.

“My elf has brown boots. Green pants. a black belt with a golden square buckle. has a brown mustache. Black sunglasses pontey ears a green hat with white ball on the end. Right arm 3 cm. Left arm 3 cm. Right leg 3 cm. Left leg 3 cm. Green shirt with 5 buttons and brown gloves.” By Rogan

“My elf Bob is the most toughest elf I’ve ever seen in the world!!!!!!!!!! My elf has a lot of muscles. My elf has popping vains. My elf has No shirt and a black mustache. He has green pants With Dark red candy cane Design. Red hat with pom pom. Tan skin and Yellow eyes! I can’t wait to draw.” By Holden

“Hi! I’m going to tell you my elf swap description. Here it is. The paper should be Portrait. The outline is black. My elf has brown shoes. Both his feet are facing left, while his arms are facing right. He takes up about 3/4 portrait. He is pretty skinny, so he takes up about 1⁄4 wideness. He has a yellow suit, orange eyes and orange pants. He has two pointy ears, which have a brown cowboy hat behind them. He has a bow and arrow in his hand and they are brown. He has peach- colored skin. His name is Arconn.” Sincerely, Rhys

“My elf is so cute. He is as big as a pointing finger. He has a head that is Medium size and is face is peach coloured. He has blue eyes and he has a mouth that is a circle and his mouth is red. He also has a neck that is peach colored. He also has a hat that is red and green and a grey circle at the end. He has a shirt that has red and green stripes. He also has green pants. He has peach coloured hands too. He is holding a BIG candy cane. The candy cane has red and green and blue stripes. Also he has tiny tiny shoes. And finally he has bangs that cover his fore head.” By Max

Grade 7-9

The Junior High Science classes have been having fun with the new breakout kit the school purchased! This game has students working together to solve clues and break into the locked boxes. It mimics an escape room and students must work together to get out.

Grade 8/9 – Miss Owens

Students in grades 8 and 9 have one 80 minute block every week called “Careers”. In this block they are creating a product and business plan to sell their product. Katherine Cissell has been coming in every week to help our students with their projects and implement some of the junior achievement program.

At the end of this project, students should have a good idea about how setting up a business works, what profits and losses are, as well as develop some public speaking skills.

In January, we will be getting a panel of judges into the school and students will present their idea and business plan in the hopes of getting investors interested. This will look very much like an episode of Dragon’s Den where students are making pitches to judges. We will call it the Bulldog Pen instead of the Dragon’s Den.