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Challenge Accepted!!

The Capital Campaign Team would like to invite you to join our challenge!!

How does it work?? You make a donation to the Bezanson Regional Community Cultural Centre through the link on Discover Bezanson. This method of donation is completely safe and you will still be eligible for a tax receipt if you donate more than $20.00. Please remember that your donation will go to the County of Grande Prairie as they are holding all the funds for this project in trust, and are able to issue tax receipts on behalf of this Capital Campaign.

When you make the donation, choose 5 or more people to challenge to do the same!! Post your challenge to Facebook, tagging those who have been challenged! When posting, please feel free to add our graphic “Challenge Accepted” and use hashtag #challengeaccepted

Challenge Accepted
Click the image to challenge your friends!
It is our goal to raise $10,000 on this challenge and it matters now more than ever!! We are at a stage in our fundraising that we need to determine exactly WHEN we can break ground with constructing this exciting new facility. We are urging everyone to contribute whatever they are able to by March 31, 2017, to ensure that we have as much of the funding in place as possible before making this important decision!

We boldly ask you Bezanson, please accept this challenge! Pass it on! Challenge your friends, family, co-workers, competitors, associates…anyone and everyone you can think of! There is no donation too big or too small! Join our quest to build this 16,000 square foot addition to our hall, and help build the community of Bezanson! Will you accept the challenge? Donate Now

View our video about the Capital Campaign