Bezanson School

On the Home Stretch

Welcome, May! I am so happy to see the sun shining (at last!), and the snow piles disappeared very quickly in the warmth last week (also, at last!!). The days are getting so long, all the snow is off the garden, and the tulips in front of the school are going to start blooming any day now. I feel like I have run a months- long marathon and have emerged victorious on the other side of the finish line!

We hope you will be able to join us Wednesday, May 2, at the school from 5:00-7:00pm for our Family Games Night. We will be serving supper at 5:30pm, and would like to thank our Grade 5/6 students and their parents for providing cookies for dessert!! Please bring a favourite family board or card game to play in our gym/hallway, and enjoy the evening with your family; our teachers will take care of the cooking and cleaning up!

Our Grade 9 students return from Quebec on Saturday, May 5, and we can hardly wait to hear their stories and see the pictures of their adventure!

It is looking like there is a chance Track Meet could actually happen on May 11 (I

wouldn’t have guessed that a couple of weeks ago). Assuming the weather continues to cooperate, they will be headed to Grande Prairie that morning to represent our school at Legion Field for the day.

The SAC Meeting was rescheduled to May 14 at 7:00pm; please make an effort to be there! Babysitting will be provided for those that need it.

Author Marty Chan will be here May 15 for presentations for our Grades 1-6 students (Teepee Creek School will be coming to join us for the morning as well).

We are very excited to have the County of Grande Prairie here May 23-24 for the Bezanson Streetscape Project! They will be unveiling the winner of the Grade 4-7 Streetscape Contest and painting two designs on the pavement in Bezanson. Congratulations and good luck to the finalists: Kara Radomske, Hannah Wiens, Alandra Humbke, a collaborative work by Laurel van der Giessen/ Mackenzie Ewert/Hannah McRae, Taryn Cissell, and Katie Ewert.

April Showers …

At this point, I am most sincerely hoping for some April showers to bring May flowers, though it feels almost entirely impossible.

We have yet another month that is going to be packed full! We are excited to have Missoula Children’s Theatre here this week working with our students to present Beauty Lou and the Country Beast! Auditions were off to a start this morning, and students who were asked to be a part of the play were given their roles today. Students who will be playing parts in the play have been given a pink sheet – please review it carefully and let us know ASAP if there is any reason your child will not be able to take part!

Our Grade 4/5 students will be providing cookies for our Cookie Sale on April 19. Cookies sell for $0.50 and up.

Bezanson’s Got Talent is planned for April 24. Watch for more details on this as it may look different this year than it has in the past!

Grade 9 students can join their parents at work on April 25 for “Take Your Kid to Work Day,” and some Grade 9 students will be writing the DELF exam on April 26. Junior High students will also be headed to Badminton Districts for the afternoon on April 26 (they won’t be returning to the school until about 5:30, so please arrange for pickup of them that day. More details will go home later this month).

Our Pizza Day this month is April 26. Order forms will go home April 17 and are due by 9:00am April 24. All proceeds of our Pizza sales goes towards sponsoring our sports teams.

And to end off the month, we say “Bon Voyage!” to our Grade 9 students on April 30 as they head to Quebec for the week!!

Marching On

February flew by, and March is looking like it’s likely to do the same! We have a full month ahead – and you may notice looking at the calendar that we are not here one Friday all of March!

We will get March off to a jumping start with our Jump Rope for Heart Jump Day (date TBA). Thanks to our students’ efforts in fundraising for The Heart and Stroke Foundation, we were able to send them $3,025.90!!

Our Junior High students are headed to Jasper on March 6-7 for two days of skiing! We wish them a fun and safe trip. (They still have chocolate almonds for sale if you need your fix!) They will be thankful for two extra days to catch up on their sleep while the teachers head to Teachers’ Convention on March 8-9.

Our spring (SPRING!!) Book Fair starts on March 15, and Report Cards go home with students on March 19. The library will be converted into a store the week of March 15-22, and students, parents, and community members are welcome to come shopping first thing in the morning, during recess, and at the end of the day.

Parent-Teacher Interviews are on March 22 from 4:00-10:00pm. Our Book Fair will be open for shopping until about 9:00 that night as well for you to stop in for a look!

Spring Break starts on March 30, and students will be off all the next week, returning to school on April 9.

We are excited to host Missoula Children’s Theatre April 9-14!! They will be getting started first thing in the morning on April 9 and will be working with our students all week to put on plays on Friday and Saturday night. Parents, please note: If your child would like the opportunity to be in the play, they MUST be here first thing on April 9; and please let us know by April 9 if they are unable to be here for performances on either April 13 or 14 so we can allow other students the opportunity to fill those parts. THANK YOU!

Bulldog Bytes

It’s hard to believe we are already a whole month into 2018! (Even more astonishing – I don’t think I’ve written “2017” even once!!) Towards the end of this month we will have our 100th day of the 2017-18 school year!

The calendar is filling up for February and it looks like we have a busy month ahead. The big question: Will the groundhog see his shadow? (An even bigger question: Will it make any difference one way or another to us in northern Alberta?? As we sit in our current snowglobe – well-shaken – it doesn’t seem that it will.)

We are hoping to sell pizza once a month through the remainder of the school year as a fundraiser for our sports teams. Watch for order forms to come home each month, and thanks for supporting our teams! (And for those tired of “sandwich duty” – you’re welcome.)

We’ll be kicking off a month of fundraising for the Heart and Stroke Foundation on February 8 with an assembly run by a representative from Jump Rope for Heart. Our “Jump Day” is not yet scheduled, but you can expect it to happen in late February or early March.

Our Junior High students have been selling chocolate-covered almonds to raise money for their trip to Jasper. The final push is on to finish selling those almonds as their final payments are due in mid-February. You can buy almonds from any Junior High student, and they are also available at the office. Boxes sell for $3 each – empty your change jars and help them out!

You (parents) should have received your Accountability Pillar Survey in the mail, if you have a student in Grade 4- 9. Please take the time to complete your survey – the paper copy can be filled out, or there is information in the envelope explaining how to complete the survey online. Teachers and students will complete the survey online at school. The goal of the survey is to collect information on the quality of education offered by our school. This is your opportunity to influence your child’s education, simply by completing and returning the survey by February 23, 2018.

The Bezanson Bulldog Pen

Bulldog Pen

Bezanson Grade 8 & 9 students with the Bulldog Pen judges Dean Radbourne, Chris Warkentin, Terri Sudnik, Melissa Strban and Mack Erno

Welcome to the Bezanson Bulldog Pen! A Science Fair meets Dragon’s Den style event where 14 student groups competed for the very first time on January 17 2018 in the Bezanson School gym.

Miss Owen’s grade’s 8 and 9 careers class has been working on their projects since October in conjunction with the Junior Achievement Program, A Business of our Own, to build a product and learn about what it takes to build that product into a working business.

“Junior Achievement has unique programs that allow students to experience and understand business, preparing them for leadership. They enable young people to gain financial responsibility, make confident decisions and become innovators. It was under the enthusiastic guidance of JA Volunteer, Katherine Cissell and their Careers teacher, Jillian Owens, that the Grade 8 & 9 Students at the Bezanson School really stepped up to the challenge and impressed our panel of judges.  They had creative, innovative solutions to problems with very well thought out business plans ” ~ Terri Ellen Sudnik, Regional Development Senior Officer, Junior Achievement Northern Alberta NWT.

Judges; Dean Radbourne, Chris Warkentin, Mack Erno, Terri Sudnik and Melissa Strban

There was a wide variety of projects designed ranging from those servicing the pet industry, trending teen products as well as projects with emphasis on social responsibility. Many of the students had very strong presentation skills and even those that didn’t win a cash prize had some really great ideas and knew their business plan inside and out. It was apparent that the students have grown from the experience.

“I enjoyed it because of the new experience. It felt much more professional then science fair and was able to be taken seriously and treated as a young adult. Their comments helped me and my partner look at a different perspective that we have not yet thought about.” Sadie LaValley, Grade 9.

The panel of judges for the Bulldog Pen included local business people Terri Sudnik and Melissa Strban of Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta & NWT, Mack Erno from Jade Cash, Dean Radbourne of Erine’s Sports Experts, and Chris Warkentin our local Member of Parliament. Each brought a great dynamic to the event with their fun comments and willingness to try out products and offer ideas to the students to improve their business plan.

Bulldog Pen Winners

Bulldog Pen Winners Josh Street and Rylan Larson demonstrating their prototype to judge Melissa Strban

The best overall prize winners of the event were Josh Street and Rylan Larson with their project the Power Alarm. Both boys remarked that they enjoyed the process, from design development and coding right down to the presentation in front of the real judges.

2018 runners up in the Bulldog Pen; Maren Laverick and Sadie LaValley with their project Cool-Tape, Tanna Howarth and Kiera Dorner’s youTube channel KTVT, Mia Wilson and Danika Cadieux with Sneaker Stickers, Chase Cissell and Lane Moody with their Survival First Aid Kits. Winners will receive cash prizes for their efforts from our event sponsor the West Smoky Legion #244.

“It was amazing to witness these great entrepreneurs developing within our regional schools across the Peace Region.  JA Northern Alberta has programs in Grades 3 – 12 and we would love to bring the financial literacy and entrepreneurship programs to as many students as possible” ~ Terri Ellen Sudnik, Regional Development Senior Officer, Junior Achievement Northern Alberta NWT.



Classroom News

Grade 3 – Mrs. Campbell

The grade three class has been working on descriptive writing. Each student has drawn an Elf. After drawing their Elf they have written a description
of their elf with enough detail so another student could try drawing it from the description they have given them. They will then compare both, their drawing and the other students, to see if they have enough detail in their description. Now parents it is your turn to draw some elves. Below are some of the descriptions that the students have written.

“My elf has brown boots. Green pants. a black belt with a golden square buckle. has a brown mustache. Black sunglasses pontey ears a green hat with white ball on the end. Right arm 3 cm. Left arm 3 cm. Right leg 3 cm. Left leg 3 cm. Green shirt with 5 buttons and brown gloves.” By Rogan

“My elf Bob is the most toughest elf I’ve ever seen in the world!!!!!!!!!! My elf has a lot of muscles. My elf has popping vains. My elf has No shirt and a black mustache. He has green pants With Dark red candy cane Design. Red hat with pom pom. Tan skin and Yellow eyes! I can’t wait to draw.” By Holden

“Hi! I’m going to tell you my elf swap description. Here it is. The paper should be Portrait. The outline is black. My elf has brown shoes. Both his feet are facing left, while his arms are facing right. He takes up about 3/4 portrait. He is pretty skinny, so he takes up about 1⁄4 wideness. He has a yellow suit, orange eyes and orange pants. He has two pointy ears, which have a brown cowboy hat behind them. He has a bow and arrow in his hand and they are brown. He has peach- colored skin. His name is Arconn.” Sincerely, Rhys

“My elf is so cute. He is as big as a pointing finger. He has a head that is Medium size and is face is peach coloured. He has blue eyes and he has a mouth that is a circle and his mouth is red. He also has a neck that is peach colored. He also has a hat that is red and green and a grey circle at the end. He has a shirt that has red and green stripes. He also has green pants. He has peach coloured hands too. He is holding a BIG candy cane. The candy cane has red and green and blue stripes. Also he has tiny tiny shoes. And finally he has bangs that cover his fore head.” By Max

Grade 7-9

The Junior High Science classes have been having fun with the new breakout kit the school purchased! This game has students working together to solve clues and break into the locked boxes. It mimics an escape room and students must work together to get out.

Grade 8/9 – Miss Owens

Students in grades 8 and 9 have one 80 minute block every week called “Careers”. In this block they are creating a product and business plan to sell their product. Katherine Cissell has been coming in every week to help our students with their projects and implement some of the junior achievement program.

At the end of this project, students should have a good idea about how setting up a business works, what profits and losses are, as well as develop some public speaking skills.

In January, we will be getting a panel of judges into the school and students will present their idea and business plan in the hopes of getting investors interested. This will look very much like an episode of Dragon’s Den where students are making pitches to judges. We will call it the Bulldog Pen instead of the Dragon’s Den.