GPRC Bursary Winners

Every year, Bezanson and the Grande Prairie Regional College team up to award 3 students from the community with a bursary. These students can receive the award if, prior to high school, they had attended Bezanson School and if they have or are attending GPRC. This year, our three local recipients were Emma Doris, Daylan Walker and Jess Gomery.

Emma Doris

Emma attended Bezanson School from preschool to Grade 9. Afterwards, she ventured onto Peace Wapiti Academy where she academically exceeded. Graduating in 2017, Emma moved on to the Grande Prairie Regional College where she switched from a Bachelor of Science Degree to a Bachelor of Education, Secondary Route with a Science major and a Math minor. This will be Emma’s second year at the college and she plans to continue on for a year or two at GPRC until she transfers to the University of Alberta. Emma says, “I’m so lucky to be able to do the first few years of college close to home. It makes the transition into adulthood way easier, and I currently don’t have to pay rent, as I am still living at home. GPRC is also a great choice because of the smaller classrooms, lesser tuition and a wonderful student community.”

Students all over the world need scholarships or bursaries to pay for tuition, books, rent and so much more. School is very expensive and without this financial help, some can not afford it. Emma says, “Scholarships are so helpful to college students. Even working all summer, you don’t always have quite enough saved up for tuition, books, parking passes, lab fees, food, etc. It also feels great to be rewarded for being a student and community member in good standing!” She also says that she is, “very grateful to have received this scholarship” and “it is just one more incredible opportunity that the Ag Society has presented me with in my years as a Bezansonite.”

On top of the crazy difference in money while transitioning from highschool to college, there are many other ways that each student has to adjust. There is so much that is different from the bigger classes, more in-depth courses and so much more. Doris says, “My first year of college was so unlike high school. On one hand, it was an incredible year. I had a few outstanding professors teaching interesting classes, I made some new friends, and had a lot of fun. I also experienced vast emotional growth. On the other hand, your first year of college is a huge change and your first real taste of adulthood. To anyone about to go to college or university for the first time, you really do need to be prepared to take on the responsibility and put in the hours!” Although there are so many adjustments, Emma had a great first year and states, “GPRC is like the Bezanson of colleges. Not too many people, great parties, and a huge system of support between community members and organizations.”

These scholarships are so helpful to every student that receives one. It shows how the Bezanson community supports those growing up in the small hamlet and end up moving onto get a higher education.

I would like to thank the 3 main organizations in Bezanson who fund these scholarships. I also really want to thank the handful of outstanding junior high and high school teachers, as well as college professors I had who made such a positive impact on my school career and inspired me to follow in their footsteps.”

Daylan Walker

Daylan attended Bezanson School from for his schooling as well. He then moved onto Peace Wapiti Academy where he also excelled and moved onto GPRC. After asking Daylan about his post-secondary experience so far he says, “I loved my first year at GPRC. It was nice to experience post secondary, while still remaining in a small campus as well as a familiar town. The instructors who taught me are inspirational and amazing people, especially my English professor.”

From a small town, going to the college level is definitely a big step. But going to a smaller college, for sure helps with this. Being raised in the Grande Prairie his whole life, Daylan says, “it is where most of my family resides and is the place where I have made my closest friends. Coming from the smaller community of Bezanson and being so close to home, GPRC was the ideal next step.”

Daylan’s plans are not 100% set yet but he does plan to continue at the post-secondary level eventually. “ I plan to further my education next fall to either in Edmonton or Calgary. I love the sciences, but also just learning in general. Anything is possible.”

Jess Gomery

Jess attended Bezanson School from kindergarten to grade 6. After grade 6, Jess transferred to Holy Cross which then lead her to move onto Peace Wapiti Academy for grade 9 and St. Joseph High School for grades 10-12. She graduated from St. Joseph High School in 2017 and moved on to GPRC for her first year of college. After graduating, Jess was enrolled in a Bachelor of Kinesiology program at GPRC but currently has switched her degree to a Bachelor of Arts in Receation, Sports and Tourism at the University of Alberta. Jess will also be transferring to the University of Alberta to complete her degree for the next 3-4 years. She says, “I don’t have a specific profession in mind for when I finish my education but am hoping that while attending the U of A, I will be exposed to new opportunities that open doors to careers I don’t know much about yet. My goal is to travel globally to learn about other cultures and to live my life to its fullest potential with the knowledge and experiences I gain from that.”

Like the other two scholarship recipients, Jess understands the need and importance of this scholarship and explains this when she says, “I am incredibly grateful to receive this monetary award because having some relief about student loans allows me to focus more on my studies instead of the bills created by it.” But this isn’t the only important scholarship. Scholarships are key for college students because they support those who financially need it. Jess says, “The importance of financial awards like this one is that it gives the student a sense of achievement. Maybe they applied for dozens upon dozens of scholarships and bursaries and only one was granted; this award gives that hard-working student the feeling that they’ve accomplished what they set out to do and someone believes in them too.”

Jess has experienced many transitions when it comes to schooling, so college wasn’t that much different. She explains, “Because I was enrolled in 3 different schools since leaving Bezanson, it wasn’t so much of a drastic change for me to go to college.” The only huge difference she found was going from knowing everyone in your school to not even knowing some of the names in your own classes. Switching schools so much forced her to, “become more individual” and she says, “I’m glad to have become my own person by the time I made it to post-secondary.” Jess also had a typical college student experience for her first-year. She says, “I realized how much more effort is required than high school academics. It took about a whole semester to adjust, unfortunately, but I came out of my first year with knowledge and a GPA I can be proud of.”

“I would like to thank my mom for supporting me through my first year, especially when I failed my first class EVER during my first semester. I tried so hard to understand the material and all I could worry about was the “wasted” money but she reminded me that no matter what, she still loves me and just doesn’t want me to stop trying to do the best in the rest of my academics. Because of that, I was able to learn from my mistakes and have a more successful second semester, and hopefully a successful next few years.”

-Jess Gomery

All three of these young adults are moving further into the adult world and it is incredible to see the community supporting them in their journey. We wish them all the best on the rest of their academic path and all of their future endeavours!


Written by Ally Pilgrim


Invitation to the Knelsen Centre Grand Opening

Bezanson Ag Society

January 2013 was the beginning of the discussions of what we were to do with the aging infrastructure of the Bezanson Memorial Hall and what the future looked like for the Bezanson Ag Society. From there, we hired Paul Conrad & Associates to help us determine the communities needs and desires. It was this information that we presented to the public in April 2014 that began the whirl wind of activity, excitement, fear, anticipation, and so forth and the decision was made – we were embarking on a journey that would last 5 years!! And during this time, you were part of this process!!

It is with great anticipation and excitement that the Bezanson Agricultural Society is announcing the Grand Opening to their recently completed project – the new Bezanson Regional Community Cultural Centre which is officially known as the Knelsen Centre!

The Grand Opening takes place October 13, 2018 at the new Knelsen Centre in the Buffalo Rock Gymnasium.

Supper begins at 5:30 pm followed by the Grand Opening Ceremony at 7pm and then dance the night away with the local band, Night Ryders. (6 & under are free); Cash bar on site.

Tickets are $25 for the Dine & Dance and are now available by contacting the office (780) 538-3544 or the Bezanson General Store. Our office hours are Monday – Thursday 9 am until 3 pm.

Thank you for being a part of this team!! It would be an honor to have you join us for this celebration.

Audrey Hewings
Executive Director
On behalf of the Bezanson Ag Society

Golden Leaf Sponsorship Opportunities

The 2018 Golden Leaf Dine & Dance is a themed 1920’s event scheduled November 24, 2018 in the newly completed Knelsen Centre. If you have ever attended our Golden Leaf Events you know that they are fun filled nights with lots of opportunities to win cash and dance the night away while supporting the efforts of two community organizations; the Bezanson Agricultural Society and the West Smoky Legion #244.

There are many donation & sponsorship opportunities this year, please note the status of the following cash sponsorship opportunities;

Cigars & Cigarettes –  SOLD

Diamonds & Pearls –  SOLD

Money Bags –  SOLD

Stocks & Bonds

Hello Beautiful – SOLD

The Usual Suspects – SOLD

Moonshine Madness – SOLD

That’s my Girl – SOLD

Grand Prize Sponsor – SOLD

Best Dressed Sponsor – SOLD

Bar Sponsor – SOLD

Decor Sponsor

Security Sponsor – SOLD

Venue Sponsor

Photo Sponsor – SOLD

Band Sponsor – SOLD

Dinner Sponsor – SOLD

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Pearl Sponsor

Champagne Sponsor

To receive your own sponsorship information package, including details of each of these events, please contact Katherine Cissell, 780-832-8033. or any of our Golden Leaf Event team!

Tickets on sale October 15th, 2018!

Bezanson Community Centre: New Beginnings

Photo Credit: Bezanson Regional Community Cultural Centre Facebook Page

In just over two weeks, the doors of the Bezanson Regional Community Cultural Centre will officially open to the public. Now called the Knelsen Centre, thanks to a $250,000 naming rights sponsorship from Knelsen Sand & Gravel, the building will be open to the public as of the beginning of September.   Construction on the 16,000 square foot expansion to the existing Memorial Hall in Bezanson began in September 2017. The Sneak Peek on August 15 was attended by many from both the community and outside the area to view the progress to date.

For the new community centre the max occupant load is 662 people. It is an over 16,000 square foot addition including a full scale commercial kitchen and canteen, a bar, and  a regulation size gymnasium, which can double as a banquet room. We also have two fixed basketball nets and two portable ones, hockey equipment, pickleball equipment, dodgeballs, volleyball equipment. Many people in our community will enjoy all of these new activities available to us. There are men and women’s washrooms with change rooms and showers for each. There are two offices and a reception area in the lobby along with a donor wall, historical wall, and a tv for displaying community news and events.  These things haven’t actually been put up yet but will be future installations.

Photo Credit: Bezanson Regional Community Cultural Centre Facebook Page

The new centre also has a new accessibility lift, this allows access for all abilities to go between the existing Memorial Hall as well as the Knelsen Centre. Many thanks are given to the Rotary Club of Grande Prairie for their $19,000 contribution which fully funded this important piece for our community.

Please remember that we are not done fundraising for our new facility. If there is any way you can help there is many ways you can, our community needs you!

Family donations: Join forces with your family members and make a donation together in your family’s name.

Memorial Donations: Honor a loved one in our Centre for years to come. Leave a legacy in our community.

Community Builders Wall: Any donations over $500 will have a place on this prestigious wall of dedicated community members

Naming Rights: There are 2 sports packages and the kitchen equipment package still available.

Call Laura LaValley, Campaign Manager for further info or to donate – 780-814-3113.

Keep your calendars open for Saturday, October 13 for the Grand Opening of the new Knelson Centre. Dinner will be from 5:30 to 7:30, the grand opening will be from 7:00 to 8:00 and then there will be a dance with the Night Ryders from 9:00 to 1:00.  Tickets are now available at the office during office hours of 9 – 3 pm. $25 for the Supper & Dance & $15 per ticket for Supper or $15 for the Dance. Children 6 & Under are free.

Written By: Netisha Zacharias

Bezanson Community Bursary deadline is June 30 2018!

Attention Students attending GPRC! You are eligible for one of 3 $500 Bezanson Community Bursaries sponsored by the Bezanson Ag Society, Bezanson Volunteer Fire Department Society and West Smoky Legion #244.

This bursary  application is open to all students who attended Bezanson school for at least on year, demonstrate well defined career goals with added consideration for volunteer activities. Preference given to those students entering full-time studies at GPRC; in the event that no full-time applicants apply, part time applicants will be eligible. Application deadline is June 30. For more information or to apply,

Download Application Here

Commercial Kitchen in Knelsen Centre Tender Opportunity

Bezanson Ag Society








Expressions of Interest are invited to suitably qualified and experienced Catering Operator(s) to enter into a Lease Agreement for the use of a commercial grade kitchen within the Knelsen Centre. This one year agreement will extend from August 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019 with a review and evaluation prior to August 31, 2019 and the possibility of extending the Lease Agreement.

This Lease Agreement will be for the exclusive catering rights for the Knelsen Centre Commercial kitchen located at 9901 – 100 Ave, Bezanson, AB.

This Lease Agreement will not extend to the Memorial Kitchen located within the Knelsen Centre.

This Lease Agreement will require the accepted Catering Operator(s) to cater to all bookings and concession needs as requested for the Knelsen Centre kitchen as per rentals of the Bezanson Agricultural Society including Bezanson Agricultural Society events. Concession will be expected to be open daily weekdays and during peak times of gymnasium usage.

Kitchen Details: See Schedule A


  • Copies of your Business Licence, Food Handling Certification, Certificate of Insurance and WCB Clearance Letter
  • Monthly Rate and date of payment
  • Sample menu for a $15 per plate, $30 per plate menu, concession sample menu
  • Letter of Reference from two clients or a List of Catered Events

Please submit your tender to the above noted address or email address by the applicable deadline.


View Printable Tender Package