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Brick, Rock & Block Landscaping

What is Brick, Rock & Block Landscape?

We are a full service landscape company, including synthetic turf, building & lot maintenance.

Where did the name of your business come from? 

The name comes from the easiest description of what Hardscaping is … landscaping with brick, rock & block.  

Tell us about Brick, Rock & Block Landscape  – where did the idea come from and what is the purpose? 

The idea came from the landscaping company Terry worked for (since he was 16) asked him to buy them out in 2003.  We discussed the options & decided to stick to the hardscaping portion, working in dirt was never his favorite lol!  Over the years, thankfully to our wonderful clients & working team, we decided to expand our operations.  The purpose is always to ensure clients have not only aesthetically pleasing landscapes but quality craftsmanship. 

Why is this important to you and the public? 

A lot can go wrong & become very costly when landscaping is done inadequately.  We have seen some horrible situations & have always vowed our clients would only get the best.

How do people contact you?

People can contact us via e-mail, calling or texting my cell 780-876-9842, our website or our Facebook Page.

When did your family move to Bezanson?

We moved to Bezanson September of 2008.  We were locals to the Grande Prairie area, when I found out I was pregnant we decided the only way to raise a kid, is in the country.  After a lot of research of surrounding areas, we decided Bezanson was our best fit.  We LOVE it here!

What does living in Bezanson mean to you? 

Living here means we have the best of everything! Amazing community always willing to help out, a great school with teachers that go above & beyond for their students, a perfect little General Store that has everything & knowing if Vaughn is being a little turd…we will hear about it lol!  

What is your dream for Brick, Rock & Block Landscape? 

Our dream is to eventually pass the company to our son.  At this point Vaughn says he’ll never be a landscaper, we never get summer vacation because we’re always working hahaha!!!  

Any favorite quotes? 

A few I hear myself say a lot are:  1) You landscape because it’s in your blood, it’s definitely not for the money lol!  2) Mechanics brakes never work, plumbers toilets never flush & landscapers have the ugliest yards.