Bezanson School Booster Club Playground Committee

The Bezanson School Booster Club Playground Committee is looking for volunteers to assist them in reaching their goal of $400,000 to build a new playground here at Bezanson School. They know this is going to be a big endeavour, however they have high hopes that they can reach their goal over the next nine months. Then they will be able to install the playground during the summer of 2019. The playground will have equipment rated for preschool children to age 12. The proposed playground will cover an area of 10,000 sq ft. Ashley Schneider and Tracy Hunt are leading the playground committee along with the members of the booster club. If they have not fulfilled their fundraising goals they will have to look at the summer of 2020 as a new timeline. In collaboration with members of the booster club they have created a few ideas that they are looking for your assistance to help make possible.

The Booster Club is looking for anyone who is willing to help fundraise or donate to help build the new playground for Bezanson School. The club is also looking for community support through sponsorship. Anyone interested in donating can contact Tracy or Ashley. Anybody who is willing to put in time and help fundraise for the playground would be a greatly appreciated. As we are expanding Bezanson this is another great step to come together. Our community is great and we already know that and we’d like to come together to fundraise to have this new playground project done by the summer of 2019.  

We are looking for volunteers to assist in the following fundraising activities: Movie night at the school (this could be a repeated event that can happen once monthly), Spaghetti and silent auction supper, Bingo event pancake breakfast and selling of raffle tickets.

“If you and/or group of your friends or family members are interested in helping plan events such as those listed above we would greatly appreciate your commitment, we are also interested in hearing about other fundraising possibilities what you have seen succeed. If you have not already been invited to do so please join our Facebook page Bezanson School Booster Club Playground Committee.” – The Bezanson School Booster Club Playground Committee.

The playground committee is looking for volunteers to fill shifts for the Cars for Christmas lottery Nov 19-23 and Nov. 26-30. The committee will raise $10,000 for filling their work for Cars for Christmas.



Written By: Netisha Zacharias