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Bezanson Community Knitting & Crocheting Group

In January 2016, Liz Richard decided to make a post in the Bezanson Community page, with the intention of meeting new people and making new friends.    She had already lived in this town for 9 years but felt she didn’t know many people so she thought she would see if there was any interest in knitting. “I love to knit and hoped that there were others that shared the same love,” Liz says. After receiving multiple responses, she began the group that now meets weekly to share and learn about their love for knitting/crocheting.

Liz began her love for knitting when she was 12, where she learned to knit from her grandmother. She spent “many wonderful hours” knitting with her grandmother and her mother and continued to knit throughout the years. Now, she knits with the lovely individuals (normally 1-6 people) that meet every week.

What is all entailed in this group?

This group is both for learning and socialization. Beginners and experienced crocheters and knitters are welcome. Liz says, “[She] always starts beginners out with knitting dishcloths as it is a small project that knits up quickly and gives them the basics. Everyone needs dishcloths, right?”

How do you join the group?

            In order to join, you can comment on the group reminder post in the Bezanson Community Page on Facebook. Liz will then send you a personal message which indicates more details, such as the address and what kinds of materials will be needed.

When does the group meet?

            The group meets weekly, on either a Wednesday or Thursday, depending on what Liz has happening that week. It will be posted on the Facebook page each week to inform those that are interested.

What is so great about this group?

            This group shares the love for crocheting and knitting. But while you’re doing this, you get the opportunity to socialize with some amazing individuals. Liz says that “[She] loves getting together with friends and making new friends. We share what’s going on in our lives, we share patterns and help each other out when we are learning something new.”

“I have made so many friends in the community! People come and go, there are new people joining and old ones leaving all the time. It gives us all something to look forward to each week and breaks up the monotony of daily life. I’m so glad that I put myself out there to meet new people!  This group has given me such joy and comfort and I hope it has given the other members as much joy as it has given me.”

-Liz Richard

For more information, please contact Liz on Facebook or check out the Bezanson Community Page’s weekly posts!

Written by Ally Pilgrim with contributions and photos provided by Liz Richard.