1. E-TRANSFER PAYMENTS: Your entry can be paid by cheque (payable to Bezanson Ag Society), cash, or an e-transfer payment sent to Payment must be received by Wednesday, April 11/2018 at 5:00 pm MDT or the entry will void and can be deleted.

2. EARLY ENTRY: Staff at advise that as soon as they have released their 2018 “Playoff Box Sheet” we can begin taking entries! They anticipate that likely there would be no necessary changes to the box sheet, if so, possibly one or two unexpected players making it in. If this is the case they will automatically replace those players you may have choose that are now out with players that are in. So watch for the release of entry forms, SOON!

ENTRY FORMS: The Box Entry sheets will be compiled with eligible players by ASAP, we will let you know as soon as they are made available for pickup from the following:

  • Bezanson Store
  • Audrey Hewings
  • Margaret Moon & Terry Moon
  • Janet Sarmaga @ Fenton’s Greenhouses
  • Terry Heasler @ TH Machining, 8839 – 110 A St, Grande Prairie
  • Carolyn Pilgrim @ GPRC
  • Jake Wasylchew & Laura Wasylchew
  • Don McNally (780-831-4315) or Donna McNally (780-296-0497)
  • Connie Stewart

ELIGIBLE ENTRIES: To be eligible entries are: to be sold in Alberta, entrants must be 18 years of age or older, all entries must be made on the pre-numbered box sheet with all requested information complete and must be received along with full payment by 5:00 pm on Thursday, April 11/2018 either at Bezanson Store or back to the person you received your entry form from. You can enter more than once but each entry must have a unique name attached to it.

PRIZES: Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, prizes will be determined by with points earned on your box sheet, (any ties will be broken by : 1st: Goals for tied teams 2nd: Goalie points for ted teams 3rd: Split the pot) and awarded as follows: 1st – $400 (sponsored by BEZANSON STORE), 2nd – $250 (sponsored by FENTON’S GREENHOUSES, 3rd – $150 sponsored by TH Machining

Funds raised will be put towards the Old Bezanson Townsite for continued historical preservation and improvements.

Thank you for your support!