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Author: dbwebmaster

Harvestful – A Local Microgreens Business

What is Harvestful?  Where did the name of your business come from?

Harvestful is a farm that grows nutrient dense super foods called microgreens. If you don’t know what microgreens are they are ready to eat (no prep) nutrient dense baby vegetables with at least 20 times the nutrition and flavour as their mature counterpart. 

The name came to me one day when I was in my garden and I had such an abundant year for my crops that I was trying to describe the plentiful harvest and the word harvestful popped in my head and I went with it.

Tell us about Harvestful – where did the idea come from and what is the purpose?

 I started growing wheat grass in 2011 that I used for juicing to help increase my intake of greens and help boost my immune system. I branched out a few years later trying more varieties of microgreens and fell in love with them. I have a love of growing things especially when I can harvest them within 10 days and have nutritious food for my family. My kids are pretty picky eaters and getting adequate amount of greens in their diet is a struggle, but they loved growing and eating pea shoots, so that was my ticket. I couldn’t just keep this love to myself, I gave packages away to friends and family to try so they too had super foods to nourish their families and it all took off from there. I just more recently started to sell them as the word got out.

Why is this important to you?

 I want people to have easy access to nutrient dense super foods. Unfortunately, most of our nutritious food in grocery stores are picked before their prime and can be loaded with pesticides and the nutrient density declines from the time it is harvested and shipped to when it is consumed. I harvest my microgreens the same day I deliver, so they are guaranteed to be the freshest possible.   

How do people get a hold of you?

I can be messaged through my Facebook page called Harvestful or I can be contacted through my email: or cell phone (780) 882-0282.

When did your family move to Bezanson?

We moved to Bezanson in 2015. I was born and raised in the region, growing up on an acreage East of Clairmont and my husband grew up West Sexsmith. After we were married we searched for the right place to raise our family and loved the Bezanson area.

What does living in Bezanson mean to you?

We love living in Bezanson, it is such a great community. The heart of this community is remarkable. Always someone willing to lend a hand to those who need it, people supporting each other’s ventures whether it is buying farm fresh eggs or honey down the road or hiring the services of of a neighbour to plow your driveway, we all work together to make things work.

What is your dream for Harvestful?

I want Harvestful to meet the needs of the community and surrounding communities by providing the best possible farm fresh microgreens. We are a very small farm and my desire is for it to expand and increase and to continually meet the needs of those that are wanting to add nutrient dense foods into their diet.

Any favorite quotes?

I love what Hippocrates said “Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.” Microgreens are like medicine, they provide a nutrient A-bomb to our bodies. Majority of us have much need of increasing our nutrition in our diets for better health, adding microgreens is an easy way to level up our intake of those nutrients.

The Johnston Trail

The History Behind the Trail

 Many residents in the area have not only heard about the “Johnston Trail” but have used it extensively as an excellent hiking trail or for other recreational activities. As the trail possesses a spectacular view of the Smoky River, It is one of the most beautiful scenic trails in the area. However, not everyone knows where the name came from and it has on occasion even been referred to incorrectly as the Johnson Trail. It was actually named after the person who had originally constructed the trail – Willis Johnston

The Johnston family has been in the Bezanson area since 1912. When Willis returned from WWII, he purchased a ½ section of land from his father. Willis and his wife, Vivian, decided to enter into a cattle ranching business and began to look for land to lease in order to have sufficient pasture on which to run their cattle during the summer months. Suitable acres were located on the east side of the Smoky River – portions of NE 18, W ½ of 19, NE 20 and W ½ of 20-72-2-W6. The lease was in place by 1959. 

 Then a road had to be built to reach the lease land. Willis purchased a John Deer 440 Caterpillar, welded a canopy on the machine and began to clear a roadway of trees and build-up a base of suitable soil for the road itself. It was quite the daunting task for such a small piece of equipment. At that time, there was a small convenience store and restaurant located on the north side of the Smoky River Bridge on the east side of the river. The “Johnston Trail” began slightly east of that point and meandered northward towards the lease land. Willis and Vivian enjoyed many years in the cattle industry before Vivian became ill and passed away in 1974. Willis subsequently sold his herd of cattle and did not renew the lease in 1977. 

Willis was very proud that the road became known as the “Johnston Trail” and his descendants are very pleased that it is still known as that yet today. 

 Written and photos by Wanda (Johnston) Zenner March 2020 

**No part of this document may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any format without written permission of the author** 

Message from Pastor Greg Clairmont

Hello Neighbor,

These are uncertain times we are living in and as a community, we need to look out for one another. If you need Pastoral care or simply someone to talk to, I would be glad to help. All matters will be kept confidential.

Pastor Greg Clairmont
Bezanson Community Church
Tel: 780-513-2836

Bezanson Community Hub

The Community Hub is an opportunity to provide news, information and inspirational stories.  Bezanson has an incredible historical past that has helped shape and grow this vibrant community!  Do you have a story of your family and a picture of family members who helped found this great community and area that you would like to share?  Do you have a favorite recipe from your grandma? Do you have photos from the past of the Bezanson area?  Do you have a story of achievement that you wish to share?  Do you have a job posting that could help someone out?  During such an unprecedented time as this, the Bezanson Community knows how to work together, share and team up to provide the inspiration needed as we move through this timeframe.  Feel free to share.  We want to hear from you!  Send your News Worthy Inspiration to

1207175 Alberta Ltd. o/a Ford Bros. Water Service

COVID-19 Response
As drinking water is considered an essential service, Ford Bros. Water Service will continue with the supply & delivery of drinking water to your homes & businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our key priorities are:
– The health & safety of our employees, that they may continue to provide service & to ensure business continuity
– The health & safety of our families and customers
– The health & safety of the community at large

Therefore, Ford Bros. Water Service has set these initiatives in place:
* Daily monitoring of AHS and government for updates
*Workers have been educated on good hygiene practices
* Workers who feel sick must stay home
* All non-essential travel is delayed or canceled
* Group & face-to-face meetings to be avoided and replaced with telephone, text & email

To our residential customers:
We ask that you contain your pets, as best as you are able, while our personnel are on location.  Because we all love ‘on’ our pets, the transfer of the virus can ‘possibly’ take place via droplets from sneeze or cough on their fur.    

Lastly, in response to the Provincial Government’s statement regarding utility protection and their request that similar action be taken for water bills.  Ford Bros. is a small business that survives in much the same way that you do.  We go to work, we do our jobs, and hopefully, there is a paycheque at the end of the month.  We cannot make the same offer as that put forth by Jason Kenney.  But we do hope that if anyone is facing a financial struggle during this time of crisis, please call the office and we will do whatever we can to assist in coming to an arrangement which is agreeable & doable for both sides.

Thank you,


Golden Leaf Sponsor Line up 2019

Join us Saturday night for the 9th annual Golden Leaf Dine & Dance fundraiser, World of Wonder. Our event this year is a casual event hosting over $10000 in prizes plus auction items that our sponsors are excited to share with you!

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