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A Q&A With Trickshot!

Where did the name come from?  We had a problem deciding on a name so we threw a bunch of names in a hat and collectively loved the name TrickShot.  It just had a great feel to it. 

When did the band begin and how did it get started?  Randy and Don have known each other for many years and they played guitar together off and on.  Randy had taken up playing drums a few years back and the two decided to go on a search to see if they could put a band together.  They found Glenn and Barb (a husband and wife team) on a Kijiji ad and then found Steve through a friend of Glenn and Barb’s in October of 2018.  We practiced in Glenn and Barb’s basement for a few weeks.  We were notified of an open mic at the Grande Prairie Legion and decided to give it a shot.  The Legion staff raved about us to their manager and we were asked to come back and play for her at the next open mic 2 weeks later.  The manager loved us and she asked us to become their house band.  We have played for them every month since.

Tell us a bit about the band members?  Where is everyone from?  Steve Cassell is the singer and is from Newfoundland.  He has lived in Grande Prairie for the last 20 years.  He loves to sing but has never sung with a band. His wife Karie plays keyboard with us now and then and is one of our greatest supporters!   Barb Ferguson is the bass player/singer and was born and raised in Grande Prairie.  Glenn Ferguson is the lead guitar player/singer, was also born and raised in Grande Prairie and is Barb’s husband.  They have been in and out of bands for many years showcasing their talent.  Don Carpenter is the rhythm guitar player/singer and is from New Brunswick.  He has lived in Beaverlodge for the last 17 years.  He has had many nights at a kitchen party or bonfire singing with his guitar.  His wife Deb never misses a show and is another one of our biggest supporters!  Randy Nicholson is the drummer and is from New Brunswick.  He has lived in Bezanson for the last 13 years.  He has had many nights at a kitchen party or bonfire with Don but had also started learning to play drums in his parent’s basement over 20 years ago.  He didn’t really get serious about his drum playing until about 3 years ago.  Liz Richard is the Sound /Public Relations person and is from New Brunswick.  She has lived in Bezanson with Randy for the last 13 years.  She has an ear for music and thoroughly enjoys making the band sound the way she wants them to.  She has some experience with online marketing and puts that to use in promoting the band.  

Who in the band is from Bezanson?   Randy and Liz are from Bezanson and both say they love the peaceful country living and being a part of such a great friendly community that stick together and support each other.  

What are some of your favorite memories since you began the band?  Last summer we played at the Greenview Golf Course in Sturgeon Lake for their end of summer celebration.  It was the biggest crowd we had played for and the band was humbled that they were so well received.  The crowd enjoyed TrickShot so much that we ended up doing 45 minutes of encores!  It was amazing! 

Last November we played for the Grande Prairie Legion after the Remembrance Day ceremonies.  The band was playing one of the crowd’s favorites, Flip Flop Fly, and an elderly Legion member dressed in his formal uniform came up on the stage halfway through the song with his trumpet and amazed us and the audience with his jaw dropping talent! He fit in perfectly as if he had been playing with the band from the start!   

Recently we played at the Jackpot Grill and Events Center.  We had a full house and the dance floor was full, from the time the band started. It was amazing to see that our fans had followed us there from previous venues and so many people from little communities around Grande Prairie came out to support us as well. We were definitely humbled! 

Where do you see the band in 5 years?  We haven’t really looked that far ahead.  We are playing one gig at a time and having the time of our lives!!