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A Q&A With Kaidak Energy!

What is Kaidak?  Where did the name of your business come from?

Kaidak is a turnkey energy industry Facility Construction & Maintenance provider, employing Project Supervisors, Pipefitters, Welders, Apprentices, Equipment Operators, Project Managers, Coordinators, Dispatchers and Administrative staff. We also provide modular construction, rental production equipment, shutdown & turnaround services.  Kaidak’s name was derived from our children’s names Kaitlyn & Dakota.  

Tell us about Kaidak – where did the idea come from and what is the purpose?

The idea of Kaidak from a combination of past experiences and a vision to do things differently…..better, our Core Values lay it out best, Provide Second to none customer service, People are integral to our business, Always produce a high quality product, Never sacrifice safety, Forever continue to innovate, Find ways to add value and Continue giving back.

Why is this important to you and the economy?

The most important is our reputation and relationships with all stakeholders, Kaidak is in business today based on relationships built in our careers over the last 20 years. Kaidak success requires customers, employees, sub contractors, vendors and community all engaged positively. Kaidak has grown into being a significant employer in the greater Grande Prairie area and we are committed to supporting locally owned businesses.  

How do people contact you?

24 hours/day through our office phone, 780-513-0409. We also have our website  profiles on facebook and linkedin.

When did your family move to Bezanson?

Wow, 13 years ago, 2007!! Time flies!   What an awesome community.

What does living in Bezanson mean to you?

Community, some of our now closest friends are Bezansonites, amazing school for our children, closer to Faye’s parents farm near Eaglesham. We hope that Dakota & Kaitlyn raise their family here as well. We’ve said this numerous times, being new people to Bezanson, there is something special here, hard to see if you’re from the area but very clear if you’re an import.  

What is your dream for Kaidak?

Continue building a great team, have fun while doing it, eventually shut off our phones for a day.

Any favorite quotes?

Anybody that knows me knows not to ask for my quotes. Faye has heard them all so ask her!