Bezanson Halloween Party 2018

This last Friday at the community hall there was a Halloween party hosted by the Bezanson Agricultural Society. The Ag Society has been putting on this event for almost 20 years. It is always a good time they have many fun things set up for kids and families. The dance started at 6 o’clock and it went until around 10 o’clock.

There was so many different fun things for kids to do. There was snacks available for everybody, and cookie decorating for the kids.

There was loco motion dancing as well as so many different types of dancing and fun. Some of the different activities included a photo booth, target hitting and a ring toss station as well as bowling.

There was also some bowling, as well as the mummy wrap and there was a spot dancing. Spot dancing is where there are numbers on the ground (the spot) and you dance until the music stops and you must find a spot, it is the same concept as musical chairs. The mummy wrap was very successful so many people wrapped their moms, their kids and friends too. Of corpse it was a good time 😉

Here are some of our local volleyball players wrapping a player up. (Left to right Laurel van der Giessen, Taneisha Humbke, Mia Wilson, Danika Cadieux)

Written By: Netisha Zacharias