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10 Questions with Susan Morrison

What brought you and your family to Bezanson?

“Paul and I decided to buy a place together. He grew up in Debolt and I grew up in Sexsmith and we decided to split the difference and so we became Bezansonites!”

How long have you lived in the community and what do you think your role is in the community?

“We purchased an acreage 3 miles south of Hwy 43 on RR 31 on June 15, 1990 and then decided we needed more space as our family grew so we bought a quarter section north of the highway on Twp 724, between RR31 and RR32. We moved here the end of May in 2004. So, we have lived in this community for over 28 years! My role in the community is through the school and attending various events put on in Bezanson.”

Are you involved in any organizations in the community? If so, which ones?

            “I have been involved with the school council for many years, taking on nearly every position at one point or another. I am a member of the Bezanson School Booster Club (the fundraising group) and have been the Chairperson for the past three years and have accepted the position for this next year.”

What is your favourite part about this small community?

“I love the people. Kind, caring, friendly. That’s why it took us seven years to find the right place to move to as we were not about to leave this area!”

What is your best/favourite memory from a Bezanson event?

“Curling in the bonspiels here. I always had a blast!”

What are your interests and hobbies?

“Honestly, I don’t have a lot of hobbies. We are raising our two granddaughters and they are in elementary school, so they take up most of my time! I did start kickboxing at the hall this year under the instruction of my niece, Lisa Zacharias.”

What are some of your family’s favourite activities?

            “We enjoy quadding, skidooing, river boating, visiting.”

It is a typical Saturday, what are you up to?

“There is no such thing as a typical Saturday around here! We have no scheduled activities, so we end up doing whatever comes to mind or doing up any chores that need to be done!”

Where is your favourite restaurant?

“LEFTY’S, of course (anything else would be blasphemy!!) but in town, I’d have to say Mr. Mike’s is a go-to when my daughter and I are spending a day together in town.”

What would you like to see in this community in 5 years time?

“I would like to see a new curling rink, and for the school…a brand new playground that we have started fundraising for!”

Written by Ally Pilgrim with information/quotes and photos provided by Susan Morrison (2018).