10 Questions with Raymond Peterson

What brought you and your family to Bezanson?

“I was born in Grande Prairie but at the age of 5 moved away to Ponoka… finally moved back to the Wanham area after I graduated. I was told of a place called Leftys and they were looking for cooks so I drove to Bezanson and applied. Cindy Moody and Lois Dodd owned it back then and when I went in to apply they thought it was for the gas station not a cook position. Lol, the rest is history.  I’ve worked for them for 6 years until they sold it. This is also the place I met my beautiful wife, Raelyn. We don’t live in the community, Raelyn has all of her life, but we live in Sexsmith.”

How long have you lived in the community and what do you think your role is in the community?

 “I think my role in the community is to provide a place in the community for friends and family to gather. The best is watching complete strangers pay for another tables bill!!”

Are you involved in any organizations in the community? If so, which ones?

“I was the cooking leader in 4-H Bezanson Multi-club a few years ago which was awesome, we had 14 young kids aged 9-16 learning different skills in the kitchen. I had to give it up as I just had too much on my plate”

What is your favourite part about this small community?

“The thing about Bezanson is for me the great people. The heart and dedication that everyone puts into making it better from the new hall being built and reaching completion to our volunteer fire dept who both work very thankless jobs just to make our community a better place!”

What is your best/favourite memory from a Bezanson event?

“Best event or memory would be opening Leftys as my own! I always said if I ever have the chance I would take it and low and behold Raelyn and I had the chance and now we’re 7 years into something very special.”

What are your interests and hobbies? What are some of your family’s favourite activities?

 “Interests and hobbies would be… first and foremost I’m a foodie! I love to try all foods and different things. I love my family we have built over the last 10 years, so my girls are huge in my life. If you’ve ever been in to Leftys you would know music is huge to me… way back, I worked with Sharon Dodd and she hated my music lol but I have mellowed out a little bit now I just pick and choose when I play the hard stuff lol… I also play guitar and have a group of guys I play with in my down time.”

It is a typical Saturday, what are you up to?

“A typical Saturday for me is usually working… especially in the summertime. We usually cater weddings every weekend or run the food truck so my weekends are spent working which is ok then I have the weekdays free. The golf courses aren’t as busy then lol.”

Where is your favourite restaurant?

“Favourite restaurant is Tayo in Grande Prairie. It is a Vietnamese restaurant run by a great family… the food is tasty and very fresh, make sure and order the #35 lol”

What would you like to see in this community in 5 years time?

“In 5 years I think Bezanson would definitely benefit from more housing. I would like to see maybe a subdivision come in and also some new businesses would be great. As a community it is always good to evolve and move forward!”

Assembled by Ally Pilgrim