10 Questions with Maren Laverick

This year a community local, Maren Laverick, was given an opportunity to do a selective camp. This was a camp that was offered to girls in Canada going into grade 10. They received over 200 applications and only picked 30 girls. It was a camp put on by Nav Canada to encourage girls to work in aviation.

“When we went and took tours to meet pilots and traffic control towers, women were very limited in working in these areas. My mom told me about this camp and it was to good of an opportunity to turn up. To apply I had to a write an essay of why I should go and I had to get letter of recommendation from a teacher or leader in the community.” -Maren Laverick

Photo Credit: Maren Laverick


1.How was your trip?

My trip was amazing, it was such a life changing experience. Even just feeling so independent really changed me as a person.

2. What was the best part of the trip?

I don’t even know if I could pick a favourite part of my trip, I really enjoyed when they took us up flying in little airplanes.

3. How did you feel on the trip?

It made everything feel so real and changed the perspective of feeling like your on top of the world.

4. What was the significance of this trip to you?

This trip really taught me how big the world really is and it inspired me push myself to become the best version of who I want to be.

5. What kind of things did you experience on your trip?

It opened up a whole new world that I had never been considered.

Photo Credit: Maren Laverick

6. What kind of things did you experience on your trip?

On my trip we learned about every branch of aviation, including- traffic control tower, engineers, pilots, flight service specialist, and flight attendants. We also had some classroom time and learned about drones, hacking, and what nav Canada has planned for the future of flying.  

7. What was it like to be a small town girl who got the opportunity to do this?

Being a small town girl and getting to be a part of such an amazing opportunity made me grateful for what I have at home but also so excited for the future.

8. How many people got to participate in this camp?

There was 30 girls from all of Canada and at least one girl from every province and territory.

9. What was your reaction when you got told you get to do this?

When me and my mom first found out we both burst into tears we were so happy.

10. Would you recommend other writers to sign up for this?

I would suggest this to any young girls, they offered a lot of options to start training even just in high school.


Photo Credit: Maren Laverick





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