10 Questions with Lisa Zacharias

A new school year and the kids are back to school, what better thing to do than get into a new workout! This year starting September 10th our local Kickboxing and Insanity instructor Lisa Zacharias started up her workouts at Bezanson Hall again. Lisa has been teaching her classes for a few years now. This year she is doing senior workouts. If you want to register for a class or have any questions about any of Lisa’s workouts you can contact her at (780)-518-4875.

4 weeks 8 classes


How long have you been in the community

16 years.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Staying Active ,exercising, jogging, cooking, gardening.

What got you started into working out?

My mom has always stayed active I remember as a kid and it just grew on me. I love it.

Why did you decide to become a fitness instructor?

With my love for working out, I might as well instruct it. Love the excitement it brings to others when they increase their strength and cardio.  Such as not being able to do a push-up and then doing 10 a month later! Awesome!

Do you have fitness goals for yourself? If so, what are they?

Keeping my cardio up. And building strength always. I have be doing lots of virtual runs this last 3 months. I logged 480 km since July 01st 2018 and start another virtual challenge on Jan 01 2019. I have till Dec 31 2019 to log 1920 km.

What group classes have you taught? In your group classes, can you explain how you accommodate varying skill and fitness levels?

I instruct Insanity Live, Fitness Kickboxing, and Bootcamp. All levels are taken into consideration.  I can modify each exercise to a level that suits each individual. From low impact to high impact.

What is your schedule for your classes?

Monday & Wednesday mornings kickboxing/ bootcamp at 8:30am. Tuesday and Thursday Insanity class at 5:30pm and Kickboxing/ bootcamp 7:00pm.  I am starting a seniors bootcamp class in October,  Monday and Wednesday mornings, 10:00am. Each class is 60 min.

Many people ask “What should I eat before a workout?” and “What should I eat after a workout?” What do you tell you classes?

This can be different for every individual.  Some need to eat just before to sustain their energy. Others can not eat before class as it can make them feel sick during cardio or get cramps. A fruit before class usually enough to sustain 60 min. A protein bar or protein meal after workout to replenish.

What is your favorite part about working out?

The adrenaline rush, especially after cardio!

How long are you planning to be teaching classes in Bezanson?

As long as I’m staying active I will continue to do what I love!

Assembled by Netisha Zacharias