Photo Credit: Les Sonnenburg

1. What brought you to Bezanson?
At the time I was working as an elementary teacher in Spirit River at P.A.V.E.  During the spring, I went golfing with John Young who was the phys. ed teacher at Bezanson.  He mentioned that he was transferring to Harry Balfour the following year. I inquired about the position.   Hearing lots of good things about the school and community, I decided to make the move. Best decision I ever made!

 2. How long have you been with Bezanson School?
17 years.

3. What have the students in Bezanson shown you during your career here?
The students of Bezanson have shown me that there is a lot of hope for our World.  Every time I turn on the news, I am witness to some worrisome events. From what I have seen of the youth here in our school, there is a tremendous amount of potential.  I’ve seen unbelievable kindness, compassion and friendship. The students from this school have and will continue to make a positive impact in the world.

4. What do you like the most about the community?
I like how quiet this community is.  Grande Prairie is so busy, people tend to have less patience, my anxiety goes through the roof every time I have to drive or do business in the city.  It is so nice to come to work where vehicles don’t clog the streets and people have time to still have a conversation.

5. What is your favorite memories from being at Bezanson?
Unwrapping a gift at Christmas time and out from the box pops the head of a live 40 lb. turkey!  I don’t know who was more surprised, me or the bird! I kindly gave the bird back to its owners…I think the turkey was grateful.  I loved the underdog role our basketball team had all those years. Going up against the big schools whether it be from G.P or within our district, I always enjoyed watching our kids take on the challenge.  The players learned so much about themselves in those games. Realizing that we could compete with these large school teams, it was fun to watch their confidence grow.  I’m going to miss the noon hour floor hockey games, random high-fives in the hallway, and all those toothless grade 1 smiles.

6. As your future continues what are your plans?
My hope is to slow life down a little.  Spend more time with my son and wife. I will be working with my wife at her Kumon math and reading center in Grande Prairie.  I will also be very active in the curling scene in the Peace Country. My time will be mainly spent on coaching my son’s team and running clinics for youth in the area.  If the opportunity presents itself, maybe even help to bring back the GPRC curling program. And of course, I plan to sub a couple of days here at the school just to say hi.

Photo Credit: Les Sonnenburg

7. What are some of your favorite hobbies?
Fly fishing, fly fishing and a little more fly fishing!  I also enjoy puttering around my acreage and of course watching Bruins hockey…Go Bruins!

8. What do you enjoy the most with your family?
As a family we spend a lot of time at curling clubs.  We enjoy both the competitive and social aspects that the game offers us.  Who knew that throwing rocks at houses could be so much fun.

9. Where is your favorite spot to spend time with family?
Pierre Grey’s Lakes…a little piece of heaven just outside of Grande Cache.  We have camped there for over 16 years with friends, a lot of great memories.

10. What do you hope for in the future of Bezanson?
I hope Bezanson keeps their small town feel.  People still greet you with a smile and they call you by your name.  With the expansion of the hall, I know that this community is in good hands because what a great place to have community events.  The kids in this community are blessed to have such a great place to grow.



Assembled by Netisha Zacharias