10 Questions with Christy Ewert

10 Questions with Christy Ewert

What brought you and your family to Bezanson?

“Well, for Steve it was moving back home as he grew up in Bezanson! But we found an empty lot we loved and built there to be out of town and are so thankful we did.”

How long have you lived in the community and what do you think your role is in the community?

“We moved here 9 years ago. Our four daughters are going to the school here (one moving on to PWA now), and we have been thankful to be raising our girls in a family-oriented community.”

Are you involved in any organizations in the community? If so, which ones?

“Our family attends Bezanson Community Church and have been thankful to find our extended “family” among the others that attend there. I’m also the secretary at Bezanson School, a job that I LOVE (except for this part where going back means summer is almost over!) because I get to know the kids so well – and they are some terrific kids!”

What is your favourite part about this small community?

“I love that a small community feels like a family. I can go to pick up my mail and run into four people I know. I love that at events at the hall, the building just hums with the sounds of people enjoying one another’s company. That is what a small community should sound like!”

What is your best/favourite memory from a Bezanson event?

“I really love when Bruce Fenton comes to the school with Eleanor Ford to the Christmas concert to give the awards to our students for their Remembrance Day artwork, poems, and essays, and Eleanor spends most of her time trying to tone Bruce down, but every parent is on the edge of their seats waiting for Bruce to bust out a little, “sucking the hind tit,” or some such other Bruce-ism at the school Christmas concert. (Please keep coming, Bruce!!)”

What are your interests and hobbies?

Summer is my favourite season and I love hanging out in my garden watching things grow. We also spend as much time as we can camping with our family in the summer. I also love to read!!”

What are some of your family’s favourite activities?

“We love to go camping and do it every chance we get.”

It is a typical Saturday, what are you up to?

“If it’s summer, I’m camping or wishing I was camping! In fall, winter, and summer, I’m cleaning my house and getting groceries (I know how to get down!).”

Where is your favourite restaurant?

“Ummm…The Keg?”

What would you like to see in this community in 5 years time?

“This is a tough one! My hope for 5 years from now is that this community will still be growing. I hope that new families will feel welcome here, and that it will feel like home to them as it does to me.”