Pamela Marie Rintoul, also known as Pam Grusie, is originally from Wanham, Alberta. She works for the County of Grande Prairie facilitating a Parents and Tots program for childrens 0-6 years of age, in Bezanson on Tuesdays and in Clairmont on Thursdays. Pam teaches the St. John’s Ambulance Babysitting Course and the Home Alone course. She also works for Watson’s doing seasonal photos, Santa photos, soccer photos and baseball photos. On top of all of that, Pam is a volunteer for the South Peace Family Literacy’s Rhymes Alive Program in the springtime and is a member of the Bezanson Ag Society as a sports coordinator and the second vice president. It doesn’t end here though. Pam is a Bezanson School Advisory Council chairperson, a Bezanson School Booster Club board member, a Zone Official Coordinator for the Peace Volleyball Officials Association, the assigner for all volleyball officials, the Grande Prairie Ladies Volleyball league Vice President and the 2018 Summer Games Officials Technical.

1) What brought you and your family to Bezanson? When we decided we wanted an acreage, we looked at every location, North/South/East/West. We decided on East so the sun was at our back going to and from work. Also, if we decided to have children, Bezanson school was our first choice for education. We found the perfect piece of property for us, 3 acres in a subdivision on RR 41.

2) How long have you lived in the community? 15 years, 2 years of which were of bare land and preparation. 13 years living here.

3) Are you involved in any organizations in the community? If so, which ones? Bezanson AG Society 2nd vice president and sports committee (organize soccer and baseball for the youth in our community), SAC School Council Advisory Board Chairperson, Bezanson School Booster Club, board member.

4) What is your favourite part about this small community? Come as strangers, leave as friends, with my parents and tots program people that come usually have either just moved here or have been here for a while and don’t know how to get involved with the community. We welcome them and they are strangers at the beginning and then they become our friends and get more involved with the community.

5) What is your best/favourite memory from a Bezanson event? Water Balloons at baseball, Family day skating, Dancing at the Golden Leaf and Fireman’s Ball, Mizzula at the school, Christmas concerts, play day, wipeout day. Fall fair. Meet the teacher/community information night (which I organize).

6) What are your interests and hobbies? My family spending time with Gord and Robbie, volleyball, gardening and photography.

7) What are some of your family’s favorite activities? Swimming, boating, camping and going on adventures.

8) It is a typical Saturday, what are you up to? Family time, volleyball, Jr Forest Wardens, in the summer swimming in our back yard or going boating down the river.

9) Where is your favourite restaurant? Dars but that is no longer here so I would have to say Ramona’s pizza to pick up and bring home to the family or China Rose or Boston Pizza.

10) What would you like to see in the Bezanson community in 5 years time? The new hall being used on a regular bases for many different programs for all ages youth, teenagers, adults and seniors, and a playground at the hall.


Assembled by Ally Pilgrim