Lianne LaValley (Stierle) was born in Slave Lake, AB and moved around Alberta until grade 2. She moved to Sexsmith until she got married to her high-school sweetheart, Travis which led to her moving to Bezanson and having 4 kids, two girls and two boys.

She now lives on the Smoky River Banks.

1)What brought you and your family to Bezanson?

“My husband grew up here, he loved Bezanson and in no time so did I! Best place to live!”

2)  How long have you lived in the community?

“22+ years”

3)  Are you involved in any organizations in the community? If so, which ones?

“Ag society (former treasurer, current entertainment director, on the building committee), West Smoky Legion-AGLC Chairperson, PWA Grad chair, President of the Sexsmith Football Club and founded and run a support group for Lyme Disease in the Peace Country.”

4)  What is your favourite part about this small community?

“How the whole community is there for the kids, no matter what age and stage of life people are at…Bezanson kids are so important to everyone.”

5)  What is your best/favourite memory from a Bezanson event?

“Grant Moon telling Travis that he was wrong and that he shouldn’t skip my shots from behind the glass because he underestimated me!! Haha Oh, and any air band performance with Leah Binns!”

6)  What are your interests and hobbies?

“Water skiing, downhill skiing, river floats, bonfires, scuba diving, watching my kids in sports, my ladies run group!”

7)  What are some of your family’s favourite activities?

“Camping, bonfires LaValley style….with guitars and singing, family movie nights, visiting great people.”

8)It is a typical Saturday, what are you up to?

“Freezing watching my man cubs play football, watching basketball, visiting friends, board games with the kids, Martini Maniacs dance parties”

9)  Where is your favourite restaurant?

“In Mexico, tiny place only the locals know of….unreal food and even better people!”

10)  What would you like to see in this community in 5 years time?

“Our building all complete and the hub for all the kids.”


Compiled by Ally Pilgrim