1) What brought you and your family to Bezanson?

“I came to Bezanson because my wife, Amanda LaValley, was born and raised out there, As many are aware LaValley’s don’t go far from the nest.”

2) How long have you lived in the community?

I moved to Bezanson in 2003”

3) Are you involved in any organizations in the community? If so, which ones?

“I have been the general Leader of the Bezanson 4H Multi Club for 3 years now.”

4) What is your favourite part about this small community?

“I think the best thing about Bezanson is how close of a community we all are, yes there is a lot of family but even new people that come to Bezanson are treated like family. I like how we have all come together to make Bezanson better. Firehall, skating rink and of course our new community hall that is being built.”

5) What is your best/favourite memory from a Bezanson event?

“I really enjoy the ball tournament, I will also add that the hypnotist that was just in Bezanson was really good too”

6) What are your interests and hobbies?

“Work is a big interest for me lol, that is what I do the most. I enjoy playing hockey and watching my kids in all the sports they are involved in.”

7) What are some of your family’s favourite activities?

“My wife and daughter’s are very big into barrel racing so our summers are very busy driving up and down the road to all the barrel races they attend. My son plays hockey in Sexsmith so in the winters we stay pretty busy watching him play hockey.”

8) It is a typical Saturday, what are you up to?

“Hockey in the winter and of course barrel racing in the summer.”

9) Where is your favourite restaurant?

“I enjoy a good steak and seafood so I would have to say the Keg or Sawmill but I definitely can’t rule out Monty and Katherine Cissell’s Christmas party.”

10) What would you like to see in this community in 5 years time?

“Not a bunch more as I think that’s what makes Bezanson so great. We are a small community that has what in my opinion we need. If we start bringing too much to the community It would take away from the small town living.”