Rural Crime Watch Information and Fall Meeting

Grande Prairie District Rural Crime Watch Association works collaboratively with law enforcement to prevent crime through education, information, and presence in rural communities.

Rural Crime Watch

We are a volunteer rural community crime prevention program and currently have members ranging from the County of Grande Prairie to the Municipal District of Greenview. Membership costs $10/year but anyone who sees something “odd, out of place, strange, or dangerous” can call us at 780-831-4390.

Due to the vast expanse of our rural world, we work in conjunction with local RCMP, County Enforcement, Fish & Wildlife, other crime prevention groups, and the Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association by being another set of eyes and ears to assist these groups in alerting, deterring, preventing, or stopping criminal activity in our rural back yards.

The Executive meets monthly and all the members are invited to two meetings per year – the Annual General Meeting (held in the March/April timeframe) and the Fall Meeting (usually held in the November timeframe).

Grande Prairie District Rural Crime Watch Association will be holding their Fall Meeting on November 8, 2017 in the Webster Hall. The doors will open at 5:30 pm and a potluck supper will follow at 6 pm. We will have a guest speaker, an RCMP update, and then the meeting itself to follow. All are welcome. Memberships may be purchased/renewed at this meeting.

Talented College Basketball Star

In his second year of college, Colby Fournier will be playing for the Grande Prairie Regional College Men’s Basketball team. Colby was born a natural athlete. He played basketball, volleyball, badminton, track and field, and hockey at Bezanson School and played basketball, volleyball and rugby for the Peace Wapiti Academy Titans. He has played basketball for a total of 10 years. Colby has had many successes including being a 4-time zone champion, 3 for basketball and 1 for rugby, 3-time high school all-star, 2 for basketball and 1 for volleyball, the 2015 Peace Wapiti Academy Volleyball Most Improved Player, the 2015 Peace Wapiti Academy Basketball Most Valuable Player and the 2015 Peace Wapiti Academy Male Athlete of the Year.

Colby plans to bring it all to this team and try to help the team to, “make its way back to playoffs and make an appearance at nationals” and to, “come in to the rookie year and make an impact on the team and program on and off the court.” Being an incredible athlete, Colby is definitely going to be a great addition to the team. On top of his goals for the court, Colby also will be working hard in the classroom. He is currently taking heavy equipment technician at the Fairview Campus with the goal of becoming a ticketed mechanic and to run his own service truck. He hopes to, “improve [his] skills and knowledge” in the classroom as well. Colby also talks about his future and what it could have in store for him. “University basketball right now isn’t a top priority to me but is something I’m interested in. Right now, I’m focused on the season ahead right now and do what I can to make this team better,” says Colby.

When it comes to talking about Bezanson, Colby has only good things to say. “Bezanson’s athletic program is awesome. They provide a family feel at that school. Teachers and students know each other very well, everyone looks out for each other’s well being.” His advice for those coming from a small town like Bezanson was, “to always work hard and never think you can’t accomplish something because of where you come from.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my parents, for their support, friends and coaches, for teaching the skills to be successful and to always work hard.”

-Colby Fournier





Written by Ally Pilgrim

School Update, October 2 2017

Dear Parents:

By now you have received the most important word about how this school year has begun – the informal reports given to you by your child. The staff at Bezanson School hope those reports have been positive and that you feel that the school year is off to a great start for your child.

From our perspective, classes began smoothly, and the first few weeks have indicated that we can expect a productive school year. Students are settling in after the summer break and working hard to achieve their goals.

Our new Kindergarten students have toured the school, met with staff and are settling into a comfortable routine. Ninth graders are enjoying their place as the oldest students in the school and are showing maturity and responsibility by assuming leadership roles and modeling good behaviour to younger students.

Volleyball teams are setting up their practice routines and getting to know one another’s strengths as members of the Bezanson Bulldogs. The Students’ Union elections took place at the end of last week, and we look forward to the contributions this group will bring to our school environment.

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your child’s schooling, feel free to contact the teacher directly, or call our school office at 780-532-6490 to speak with me. We look forward to working together with families to ensure our students experience success.


Elizabeth Linfield Principal

Dances in Bezanson

Ford’s Orchestra, active in the early 1950s, were from the Bezanson area.
Photo Courtesy of South Peace Regional Archives CA GPR 0502-2009.058.01

Dances in Bezanson were quite common before the 2000s. They happened regularly, and people from all over the Peace Country joined the locals in the entertainment. There was always a crowd for the local orchestras. One of the first orchestras was the “Eastland” orchestra which consisted of Norman Greenwood, Al Alderman, and Mrs. Charlie (Marie) Johnson. They held “box socials” at the hall as well which was when the girls made beautiful boxes that were auctioned off. Whoever bid the most would get the box and also get the opportunity to eat the midnight lunch that was inside the box, with the girl who made the box. They held masquerade balls where all the women would dress in the most beautiful, elegant gowns but no one could distinguish who was who because of the masks they wore! Along with the masquerade balls, they held threshers’ dances for the beginning of a new season. After the first hall had burned, the community had the new hall built and ready for the next New Years so they could enjoy the orchestra and the dance.

The new hall is currently still being used for celebrations to this day. Although it has gone through many modifications, this hall is still the same entertainment center that it once was. It does not host as many family dances as it used to, but it hosts many weddings and events year long. It happens to be booked solid on weekends throughout the summer. The celebrations keep continuing in what has hosted these dances for many years. Did you know that if you look up in the center of the dance floor that there is a significant piece of history? If you are to look, you will see a moon and some stars on the roof. These were used during the Moonlight Waltz dance. At this time, the lights would be turned off, and the moon and stars would light up, but just for this dance. The lights would not be turned off at any other time. It is crazy how easily these artifacts can be missed! The current hall was also used as a movie theatre for many years! Bezanson continues celebrating in this great hall and will continue for many years to come!

Written by Allison Pilgrim