Bezanson area families help build the Bezanson Regional Community Cultural Centre!

Several Bezanson families have chosen to leave a legacy of their loved ones through contributing to the Bezanson Regional Community Cultural Centre.

Some families in our area have selected this project at the time of their loss, while others have chosen to join together afterwards as a way of keeping the memory alive!   Each family will have a memorial plaque displayed in their loved one’s name, with their choice of wording, upon completion of the facility.

The LaValley family became “Creators” of our facility when some of the family members joined together to contribute $6,800 in memory of their mother, grandmother, and long time community member Emily LaValley.  Many thanks to the LaValley family for helping to build our community while honoring Emily!

Other families have joined together to make a family donation.   Tom & Janet Laverick along with their children and grandchildren became “Ambassadors” for our project with their joint $20,000 input towards the new Centre!  Their family legacy will be a part of our Centre for years to come!

There are many ways to help!  We are honored to have our families help with #buildingbezanson!

To find out more information about how to leave a legacy for your family, contact Laura LaValley, Capital Campaign Manager

Sod Turning Ceremony – September 20, 2017 at 7:00pm

#newbeginnings are starting here in Bezanson!!  Construction of the Bezanson Regional Community Cultural Centre will commence at the end of September!

Please join us for a Sod Turning Ceremony on Wednesday, September 20th at 7:00pm in the Bezanson Memorial Hall parking lot area.  Dignitaries will join community members to symbolically “turn the sod” signifying the #newbeginnings for our community.  Please join us for the excitement!

Capital Campaign Team Seeks Naming Rights for Community Centre


Since beginning in June 2016, the Capital Campaign has been able to secure $3.6 million in contributions from corporations, individuals, families, memorial donations, and gift in kind services.

Most of the areas within the new facility have been named by local businesses. Special thanks goes out the following local supporters:

Auditorium ($100,000) – Adam Ranch & Buffalo Gravel Corp.
Lobby ($50,000) – KenCo Equipment
Kitchen ($30,000) – Margaret Friesen Professional Corporation
Bar ($30,000) – Burke Calibration
Vestibule ($10,000) – Fenton’s Greenhouse
Sports Change Rooms ($10,000) – Bezanson Legion
Bleachers ($5,000) – KMSC Law LLP

The remaining areas yet to be named include the storage room and one set of bleachers, which are both priced at $5,000 each. Further to that, the naming of the entire building is still available with a $250,000 target for 10 years naming rights.  This is the highest priced naming of our Centre because it allows the purchaser to have longevity with exclusive naming of the building, including all marketing materials, advertisements.  If you know of a company that could benefit by showcasing their business in our community, please contact Laura LaValley, Capital Campaign Manager at or 780 814 3113.

Huge Boost to Bezanson Regional Community Cultural Centre Project!

It’s an exciting time in Bezanson!

In January, the Bezanson Ag. Society applied for large stream funding from the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) with the Government of Alberta’s Culture and Tourism Department. The original ask was for $1 million and we are pleased to report we were granted $750,000!!!

This news couldn’t come at a better time! This boosts the total funds raised to over $3 million and over 80% funded! Initial cost projections of the project are $3.5 million. Now that we have a large portion of these funds secured, we were able to send the project out to tender to get firm numbers and determine just how much more our community needs to raise!

We hope to have solid numbers by the end of May.  Construction could start as early as Fall 2017! These funds help to seal the deal that this infrastructure will be a reality in Bezanson! But we still have work to do… and we need you to help us build Bezanson!

Please help us top up this funding and make this happen as soon as possible! Every dollar counts! We have many options to donate! The largest donation that we are still seeking is the naming rights of the entire building! This is targeted at a $250,000 donation for 10 years naming rights! Our Capital Campaign Team is working diligently to make connections, but if you know someone who may be interested, please let us know!

We know most of us don’t have that capacity to help, so we want to encourage you to give whatever you can! It all helps! We have monthly direct debit options, yearly contributions, and one time donations of any amount are sincerely appreciated!  We aim to be flexible in order to help you be a part of this!

Our Bezanson School students have even been hosting bake sales and contests to raise funds and we are so appreciative! We appreciate the effort, the desire to be a part of something big in our community, and the generosity, NO MATTER WHAT SIZE OF DONATION!! Let’s do this Bezanson! New beginnings are right around the corner!

If you would like to find out how you can get involved, contact Capital Campaign Manager, Laura LaValley at 780 814 3113.

Challenge Accepted!!

The Capital Campaign Team would like to invite you to join our challenge!!

How does it work?? You make a donation to the Bezanson Regional Community Cultural Centre through the link on Discover Bezanson. This method of donation is completely safe and you will still be eligible for a tax receipt if you donate more than $20.00. Please remember that your donation will go to the County of Grande Prairie as they are holding all the funds for this project in trust, and are able to issue tax receipts on behalf of this Capital Campaign.

When you make the donation, choose 5 or more people to challenge to do the same!! Post your challenge to Facebook, tagging those who have been challenged! When posting, please feel free to add our graphic “Challenge Accepted” and use hashtag #challengeaccepted

Challenge Accepted

Click the image to challenge your friends!

It is our goal to raise $10,000 on this challenge and it matters now more than ever!! We are at a stage in our fundraising that we need to determine exactly WHEN we can break ground with constructing this exciting new facility. We are urging everyone to contribute whatever they are able to by March 31, 2017, to ensure that we have as much of the funding in place as possible before making this important decision!

We boldly ask you Bezanson, please accept this challenge! Pass it on! Challenge your friends, family, co-workers, competitors, associates…anyone and everyone you can think of! There is no donation too big or too small! Join our quest to build this 16,000 square foot addition to our hall, and help build the community of Bezanson! Will you accept the challenge? Donate Now

View our video about the Capital Campaign

What are the tax implications of my donation to the Capital Campaign?

***It is recommended you speak with your accounting professionals and financial advisors to completely understand how a donation could affect your own unique situation. Also visit the CRA website for CRA’s tax savings calculator tool. Donors to this project will receive an official donation receipt from the County of Grande Prairie. ***


Donations made to registered charities, registered Canadian amateur athletic associations, Canadian municipalities, the federal government or a provincial government are eligible for a tax credit. Donations can only be claimed after they are paid— pledges don’t count. Unused claims may be carried forward for up to five years. The general annual limit on charitable donations as a percentage of net income is 75%. Donations must be supported by official donation receipts.

Generally, the federal credit is 15% on the first $200 of donations claimed in the year and 29% on the amount in excess of $200. In Alberta, the provincial tax credit is 21%. So the combined tax savings on a donation over $200 in Alberta is 50%. So if an individual made a donation of $10,000, he would save $4,950 on his personal income tax return. For 2016 a new federal tax credit rate of 33% will apply to donations above the first $200, when an individual has income over $200,000.

The 2013 federal budget introduced a new temporary First-Time Donor’s Super Credit which permits first-time donors an additional 25% federal tax credit on up to $1,000 in donations. This one-time credit may only be claimed once in the 2013 to 2017 taxation years. You are considered a “first-time donor” if neither you nor your spouse claimed a charitable donation tax credit in any of the five previous years.


Donating from a business is different for tax purposes than donations made personally. Donations are essentially an expense to the company. If a company is in a loss year, the donations are carried forward and deducted in a year where there is taxable income. For example, if a company donated $10,000, and its corporate tax rate is 13.5%, then the tax savings would be $1350.